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The bright and sunny sky hid the fact that a storm was quickly approaching the city of Mahtomedi. The soft, warm wind was brushing against the merry faces of the residents. Children are playing basketball, teenagers are driving their cars and listening to deafening music. The calm pace of the waves attracted many boaters to the clear water. Even the gardeners were out on this beautiful day. Everyone was completely oblivious to the coming terror. The wind began to swirl and blew freezing air onto the town. Dark clouds stormed into the sky, churning and twisting with astonishing speed. The basketball hoop moved back and forth, being pushed by y the incredible strength of the wind. Flower pedals and leaves flew into the sky spinning at a dizzying rate. Cars were abandoned as fear struck teenagers ran into the ditch for shelter from the flying debris. Whitecaps crashed on the docks and shorelines, tearing up planks of wood and swirling into whirlpools. Then, one of the most powerful forces on the face of the earth reached down with its mighty winds, shredding buildings and trees in seconds. After devouring home after home, it receded as if taunting its prey and showing the people that it is completely unpredictable. And then, as suddenly as it began, the clouds move on. Bringing their destruction with them. The waves become calm and reflect the bright sun shining through the clear sky. Children come out and begin to play. The gardeners return to their plants, clearing up the remaining debris. Teenagers get out of the ditch and run back to their cars, thrilled that they have a new story to tell. Slowly and gradually people return to their activities and life goes on.

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