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It is difficult to be a God. A.N., and B.N Strugatsky I am given a chance to recreate the world. It is probably the most dreamed of job in the world. When I was a little girl I fantasized about perfect, happy, and loving world. It is relatively easy for me to engage this fantasy of renovated world. First of all, I am planning renovation simply on paper and in reality nothing depends on me. Secondly, as an intelligent human being I have made certain observations of our society. I can try to think analytically about what should be taken to the new world for its successful existence and development. Once a certain someone created everything from the very beginning, and I will keep his experience in mind. Now millions of people wander our planet in search of something forgotten. Every day we discover such revelations inside and outside of ourselves that alternately appear as desires to either commit suicide or to thank the universe for the mere wonder of existence. With such stresses come fury, envy, greed, and degradation, but from the same soil come goodness, sympathy, and development. Man is unique, though he is probably less than fifty percent the man God wanted to see. I think that all people without exceptions have a right to live and are essential for the new world. Every human being has potential of a creator and together people will rebuild our world according to their own vision.Animals and birds are also needed in order to rebuild the world.. Often people call animals “friends” and even “small brothers”; they are mentioned in folklore, art and literature. Animals were the first helpers of men. They were also used for food, clothing, and entertainment. , I have to admit that I am definitely not a vegetarian, and I enjoy steak for dinner and can t imagine not eating meat at all. When I was about five years old my mother gave me a poppy .I named it Sun. Sun was my best friend through out my childhood. Without animals people would be left totally alone on this huge planet.Another very important aspect for a successful development of the recreated world is well-established medicine. Nowadays, the level of the medicine in our world is very high, and I would keep it for the new world. This would save a lot of lives, and time, because people would not have to start from scratch. I would also take the entire modern labs and technology to the new world, so humans would continue with research and development of the new drugs. Not long time ago a lot of children were dying from common fly because we didn t have the cure. Now, thanks to our medicine, children are safe a hundred percent from this kind of death. Without medicine everyone would have problems, and it is possible that the whole new society could even die out because of diseases.

As for human knowledge, it would be great if books survived. Discoveries and inventions that we have gained over thousands of years should be preserved in a library of information disks along with several personal computers in order to be able to access the information. I wish art and music were preserved. Undoubtedly, people would create it again, but they would do it differently. In case of the arts and humanities it is pity to lose all the masterpieces we already have. As for me, I think it is essential to erase all information about all kinds of firearms, including the weapons of mass destruction. I am sure everything will be invented again, but let them struggle with it. That is all. I think that if it were possible to have all the above mentioned components after a catastrophe then the world would survive, and even a Gold age would come. This would be the time when people would turn out to be not only consumers but the owners and in a way a higher degree creators. I feel sorry that this is just a pure fiction, and I will never get a chance to create a new world. It is strange time now. All of us: rich and famous, poor and aimless, smart and stupid depend on several buttons on a control panel, which controls nuclear weapons. One second and the world, as we know it, will be gone. We will all vanish together with our cultural and scientific heritage, like we never even existed. A man is the best weapon for destroying a man. It is sad, but in my mind it does not matter what would happen in either World War III or some natural disaster, we would probably be left with one choice, which is described well in a joke that concludes this assignment. — What would you do in case of nuclear war? — I would wrap a blanket round myself and slowly move in the direction of a cemetery.– Why slowly?– Not to cause a panic.

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