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Deep inside I was glad I was the chosen one

Outwardly cool, yet within I was frozen,

It was sudden death match and I have to be bold

But a teammate did not do as he was told,

My teammate made the kid squeal like rat

I watched the opposing kid get pinned in the mat,

The crowd cheered, the team jumped for joy

Everyone surrounded the heroic young boy,

I too cheered so no one would see,

What I really felt was, “It should have been me!”

Disappointment, anger, looking to blame

“Did I miss my dream chance at fame?”

Nature’s tears, the pounding rain

Cruelly mimic my resounding pain.

Opaque clouds conceal her soul

But mine is open, a bottomless hole.

That never heals, can never be cured

Love dies inside, so rest assured,

I shall no longer flood the land

With endless droplets wiped by hand.

Wait! Suddenly the horizon brightens

Hope and fear in my heart heightens.

The myth of the clouds with the silver lining

Breaks the spell that was once confining.

For now I feel my spirits rise

As nature herself answers my cries.

No longer shall I mope and mourn

For he has mended my heart that was torn.

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