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Act 1 Scene 1It?s 2013, in a city called Trelador. A downtown club is bustling with activity. Police are all over the place and media are asking questions. Two witnesses to the incident describe what happened that night. The witnesses are two young teens about 17. They tell it like they saw it.

Police Officer: All right guys, take it from the top. What happen?

Teen 1: A guy with the biggest sword came in here and started slashing people all up. He must of had a something against the place.

Teen 2: Yeah, he all came up in here and started stabin people and throwin them all over. He put some guy through a speaker and killed the music. That?s when I got mad. That guy, he just all punched me into a table. Then?(The police officer shakes his head as he just trails on and on.)

Police Officer: What did he look like?

Teen 1: Black coat, long hair, and black boots.

Police Officer: Okay, that?s all I need for now. Can I get your names just in case we need more info?(Police officer opens his book.)

Teen 1: Sure. I?m Matthias and this is my boy Cid.(Cid is still telling the whole story.)

Police Officer: Thanks. We?ll be in touch.

Matthias: Man, Cid can you believe that.(Cid stops his story.)Cid: Believe what?

Matthias: What just happened tonight you retard.

Cid: Oh yeah. Yeah that was wild.(Cid looks over and sees to girls standing there.) Hey, lets go talk to those chickies. I think one wants you bad man.

Matthias: Sounds good.

They exit.

Scene 2

At an apartment complex in Trelador, Matthias and Cid sit on bean bag chairs and watch television. Cid is eating a bag of chips and Matthias sips on a Pepsi.

Matthias: I didn?t know we had this channel.(He points to the screen that shows a girl walking around in the buff.) Did you order Playboy again, Cid?

Cid: No, I didn?t order it again. It must have been Blade.

Matthias: Yeah right Cid. You liar. Why do you always try and put stuff on Blade. Plus, me and Blade know that we can?t afford any new channels. You don?t seem to understand-(He is interrupted by a loud pound on the door.)

Voice: Open up now! This is the police!

Cid: Oh crap. Open the door Matthias.

Matthias opens the door slowly until it?s kicked open by Blade. Blade is 21. He is the oldest of the three. He takes care of everyone.

Matthias: Jesus, Blade. You ?bout gave me a heart attack.(He gets his breath back.) Guess what Blade.

Blade: What did you guys do this time?

Cid: Nothin Blade. He?s just jokin with ya. Aren?t you Matthias?

Blade: Well, who cares if you did? We have to get out of here like now.

Cid: Why?

Blade: Remember that little incident at the club last night?(Both say yeah.) Well that guy was walking on his way here. So get some stuff to take and lets go.

Matthias: Oh man. Forget that stuff, I?m outta here.

Cid: Yeah me too. Let?s just go, Blade.

The door is opened and there stands the man from last night. He stands six feet tall and holds a sword just as long as him. He wears a black trench coat and has neon blue eyes.

Blade: You guys go out the window and I?ll handle him. Go now!

The two run to the back bedroom and start down the fire escape.

Man: You are a brave man, Blade. Either that just stupid.

Blade: Who are you and how do you know my name?

Vargas: I am Commander Vargas, of the Death Corps. I have orders to find and kill you.

Blade: So that?s why you were at the club last night. You knew I hung out there. But why kill me?

Vargas: My boss feels that you are a threat to us.

Blade: Why does he think I?m a threat to you guys?

Vargas: Because your father said that you would be the one to get rid of us. He said that you were the new Aura soldier just like him.

Blade: Aura soldier? What the heck is that?

Vargas: I guess you?ll never find out that because?your dead.

Vargas charges at Blade with his sword. Blade dives out of the way and trips Vargas.

Vargas: Your gonna regret doin that punk.

Blade picks up a CD and throws it at Vargas like a Frisbee and cuts open Vargas?s cheek.

Vargas: Till later, Blade.

Vargas vanishes.

Blade: What did all of that mean about Aura soldier?

They exit.

Scene 3

The scene opens at a restaurant somewhere in downtown Trelador. Blade, Matthias, and Cid are sitting down to lunch. Cid is eating hastily, while the other two talk about the happenings two days ago.

Blade: Slow down Cid.

Cid: Why? That guy could come back. I want to get out of town as fast as possible.

Matthias: Well enjoy that meal, Cid. It?s the last one in Trelador.

Blade: As soon as we?re finished here, we?ll catch a train to Racsan.

Cid: Good.

Matthias: What if he finds us there?

Blade: Then I try and get rid of ?em. We all done?

Cid and Matthias say “Yeah”.

Blade: Then lets get out of here.

Just as they are about to leave another strange looking man walks in the door.

Man: Is there a Blade Hyrule in here?

Blade: That would be me, sir.

Man: I?m glad I found you first. I am General Leo. From?.

He?s interrupted by Blade.

Blade: Death Corps, right?

Leo: Yes.

Matthias: Uh-oh. Guess we should go out the back.

Cid: Sounds like a plan.

Troops come through the kitchen and surrounded the group.

Cid: Guess not.

Blade: Let them go. You want me.

Leo: I?m afraid I can?t do that. They seem to be a problem, too. So they are to be executed also.

Cid: Figures.

Matthias: Yeah, I know. Might as well put up a fight.

Blade: All right. You want me, come and get me.

Leo pulls out a glowing saber and starts after Blade. The three troops go after Cid and Matthias. Cid punches a troop in the gut and throws him into the bar. Matthias put a troop in a head lock and hit him over the head repeatedly. The third troop gets hit by a bar stool thrown by the waitress in defense for the boys. Blade takes an old TV that was on display and crashes it over Leo?s head knocking him unconscious.

Blade: *whew*?..that was fun. Thanks for the help.

Waitress: No problem. I was trained in self-defense.

Cid: (whispering to Matthias) He?s never thanked anyone.

Matthias: (whispering back) Yeah, I know. He must like her.

Blade: So what?s your name?

Waitress: It?s Alma.

Blade: Nice to meet you. I?m Blade. You should probably come along with us now. They?re gonna be lookin? for you now.

Alma: Yeah, I guess your right. Can I stop at my apartment?

Blade: Sure.

They exit.

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