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In 2001the work began on the biggest dam project in history of the human kind. The place chosen was the Great Canyon in Colorado. After six months of heavy digging, workers had found something strange.

John, who was one of the scientists that come to this site, was especially interested in this subject. He in his long black trench coat looked like Germans during World War II. He looked even more familiar to SS man when he took off his hat and sunglasses and showed his blonde hair and blue eyes.

His team was already ready to go to the zero zone . Their assistant was Michael. He was main contractor of the construction. He showed them the place where they found this thing .

-So what is it? – Asked John

-I don t know, besides that s why you re here to find out.


Soon they were on the place. There was this big hole blown by the explosives. The purpose was to make fundaments for dam so that it would not leak the water. The cave was reddish in color as the rest of the landscape. The thing that you couldn t miss was that after few feet from the entrance it was not a cave anymore.

-So this is the place said John

-Yeah, look at this polished walls.

-Aha and I m sure it was not done by water.

-Yeah that s for sure-said Mike with a little excitement in his voice, and added-I worked on similar projects many times and I saw many kinds of caves with really weird shapes, but never like this one.

-It s, it s just that it is so symmetric-added John

The cave was very large and they had to bring flashlights because they couldn t see a thing. In the middle of the room John found big object that looked kind of similar to artifacts from Egypt. The object was square in base and as it went up it changed to a triangle and looked similar to pyramid. There were some strange signs that John has never seen before. Later he gave idea that these signs are kind of clue to what this object does or it is.

As he was looking for any sign that was similar to him he found few which interested him most. First sign looked like bird at first but after further analysis it looked more like jet plane. The other sign at first looked like ghost or god but later it looked like astronaut in his costume.

After few days Michael set up lights inside cave so that they did not need flashlights any more. Now they could see the pyramid in all its glory. Its green-reddish color gave idea to John that it could be some kind of stone with power. He brought the equipment and began measuring.

-Nothing special on the infrared guys- by which he meant that the object does not emit any hit energy, although the inside of the cave was warmer than it supposed to be.

Later John began measuring the pyramid. He compared the results with the pyramids from Egypt.

-According to my research many small pyramids that are inside the room have little hole above them so that the suns light could light them.

-Hmm, that s very interesting- said Michael- I ll bring the latter and we will check for this hole.

As the Michael was gone he began searching the ceiling with his eyes. He spotted small crack, which could be the hidden hole.

-OK I m back-said Michael while carrying the latter. Soon they check the crack. John was right. There was a hole but something from above was preventing light from coming inside.

-I will go and check it-said Michael.

John was waiting patiently while his partner was clearing the upper part of a hole. Suddenly when the light hit the very tuft of the pyramid, it started shaking. Soon but slowly it started rotating. John was very amazed what was happening. As he approached the pyramid, the light started coming out from a small opening which were hidden between the drawings. He assumed that the pyramid was powered by sunlight. After a while it started rotating a little faster and something strange began to happen. The pyramid started sending beam of light in one place on wall. Soon it began to look like image but it wasn t too clear.

-What a hell is it? -Said Mike who just got down to cave

- I m not sure. I think it may be a hologram.

-A hologram? What is it?

-It s an image created by light, and it s very high tech.

As the pyramid was rotating faster and faster the image was clearer and strange sound was heard. Approximately ten minutes later John was really amazed. He could see clearly a man who looked little different than normal human. He was taller and had bigger head with relatively small eyes.

When John went near the image, the man had spoken.

- I assume that if you see me you have the technology to contact us. We are the Mera. We lived here for many thousands of years, but then we polluted the planet so we could not stay there anymore. Our people had colonized a few planets very far away from your home. We left you many signs about our existence. You should figure by now that the face on the Mars is our creation.

At his point John and Mike were shocked. Not only because they never seen anything like that, but also because they discovered that there were other civilization which was far more advanced than theirs were. But the man was talking on.

-You probably wonder that if we left the planet, how come you still live here. It is like that because we left only prisoners here. We knew the possibility that after thousand of years you could reach the technology similar to ours. Our people left the device to communicate with us.

As he finished to talk the wall which appeared to be solid spreader apart and another room was discovered. Meanwhile John let government know what was found in the Grand Canyon. The government gave permission to continue research to John, as he knew the most about the alien technology. Also new research team was given to him.

When they arrived they have found a great machine in the room. Mike already set up the lights so they could see this huge piece of alien technology.

-OK guys. Firstivle we have to figure out how to power up this thing and remember that it s few thousands years old.

The machine was gray in color and was made from some kind of metal. Mike estimated that the device could weight up to 400 tons. Also that a large part of machine was hidden underground. Although it was turned off there were few switches lighted which john thought hold the key to power up the machine.

After few days of trying john found the strange pattern on one of the switches. As it was later confirmed in experiment it was the key to power up the machine. When he turned it on, the device began emitting sound, which were like jet plane engines but much more quietly. Shortly after few minutes device stopped emitting sound. As it stopped, the upper part opened and some kind of tube was going up. When it reached ceiling it stopped.

-What do you think it s gonna do now?

-I don t know, I guess it s gonna drill.

He was right. The strong beam of laser opened a large hole at once. The tube resumed making its way up. Wondering what s going to happen outside almost all of the scientists went out of the cave. The tube spliced apart so that it created shape similar to satellite antenna. Right away it started creating energy from the device below and suddenly antenna sent strong beam of energy into space. Then the machine stopped.

John reported all the details to White House. After the machine stopped, nothing had happened special. Scientists worked hardly to uncover more of the mystery of Mera people. Two months had pass with waiting for any response. The suddenly the beam from space hit the antenna and pyramid inside the cave started rotating again. The hologram appeared and spoke.

-We are the people of Mera. We have received your response. We will come to your planet in two your months. BE READY

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