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You all have heard of Tae boe from Billy Blanks, The Abe Roller, the so called ultimate machine, the Solo flex, and even Chuck Norris?s and Christy Brinkley?s all in one package that fits under your bed. Well I have a system that?s a hobby of mine that?s better than all of these put together. I?m going to talk about the greatest work out ever. The western style of boxing.


Well Boxing could be easy for some people and hard for others. With Boxing you need four primary limbs to function at the right time. These are your arms and legs. Before you start your traning you need to wrap your hands with hand wraps:

After your finished wraping your hand wraps you would proceed to use the jump rope:

After your done using the jump rope U could either hit the heavy bag or you might be nominated to sparr that day which is to box another person but of friendly terms. This is wear the handy Head Gear comes into play.:

After your Head Gear is fitted Properly you then need your mouth piece:

Hand Wraps

These are my Hand wraps there are used to keep my hand safe in the Boxing gloves. When wrapping the hand wrap you have to be sure to wrap your knuckles and wrap your wrest, because the less friction between your skin a hand wrap the better off you are.

Jump Rope

The Jump rope is used to warm up before actually sparring or hitting the bag. You usually jump rope for three to five rounds. Rounds last three minutes with a one minute rest. There are different types of Jump Rope, this one was my first it is made out of cloth so you don?t hurt yourself when you mess up. When you get better you will be able to use the leather jump rope for more speed and also when you mess up you know it because it stings when it hits you.

Head Gear

Head Gear is used to protect my pretty face, cause this is the only thing I got going for me right now. I would put in on but it is extremely dirty. Its got blood, sweat, and spit all over it. U can get pretty hard in this but there is a limit. If U get hit and U start seeing white flashes U need to get out of the way of those punches cause you can only take so much.

Mouth Piece

Well this is a mouthpiece; it used to protect my precious teeth. It is also used to stop U from biting the your opponent. They say the most important thing is to wash your mouthpiece every time you use it, but sometimes I forget.


Well now that U know something about boxing maybe you can conceder it as a work. There are always pro?s and con?s to a work, just to let U know here are a few from boxing. Pro if you feel you need a nose job and cant afford cosmetic surgery, con if you don?t need one. Pro you need some teeth taken out, con you don?t get to choose. Pro

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