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I am writing a piece for my gym class in which I will design a fitness workout program that you may use to become more physically fit. In this fitness program I will list all FIT recommendations and weight training principles. The fitness program will mainly focus on cardiovascular endurance, strength development and a nutrias diet.

I will first describe the weight training program. This program will consist of three different guidelines. First adequate recovery, after working a muscle adequate recovery time for that muscle is 48 hours. This gives the muscle time to grow and heal. Next is progressive resistance. The more you lift weights the stronger your muscles get. So you should add weight as often as possible but be sure never to add to much or it could result in injury. Last is specificity you should work on certain muscles as often as you can, but still using adequate recovery. Improvement in strength will show up when muscles are worked

Cardiovascular endurance is another part of the fitness program in which you can use the FIT recommendations. FIT stands for frequency, intensity and time. Frequency is how often you work on your cardiovascular condition. You should be as frequent in 3-5 days a week. Some of those days you can run long distance, other days you can run sprints and even go swimming which ever you prefer. Intensity is how hard you work out, and how much more you can do the next time you work out. Time stands for how long you should workout. Pending on which activity you choose for cardiovascular endurance you should at least work for 20-60 minutes each workout.

The last part of my design program will be the nutrias diet. It does a lot of help to stay on a good diet while working out. There are 6 basic nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, minerals, water, vitamins, and fats. These 6 basic nutrients should become apart of your everyday life if you intend to stay healthy. Now I will set up a food plan describing how you can get these nutrients. Drinking 2-3 servings of milk a day. Eating 3-5 servings of vegetables a day. Eating 2-3 servings of meat a day, 2-4 servings of fruit and 6-11 servings of grain. Following this diet plan will defiantly cut down on fat and calories. It is also better for your body, the better you treat your body the longer it last.

Well I hope you have learned a lot about fitness and you will use my program to get or stay in shape. Lets briefly go back over a few points. First weight training, the most important parts of weight training are adequate recovery, progressive resistance and specificity. If you use those 3 points for weight lifting you cannot fail. Next was cardiovascular endurance. Just remember the FIT recommendations and you should do fine. Last was a nutrias diet using the diet plan I described in detail the 6 basic nutrients and how many servings of food you need. Using this program consistently you will be in top condition to handle any task. Thank you for your time and good luck.

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