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Enterprise Wide Automated Applications and Operating System Software Distribution for Windows

VERITAS WinINSTALLTM is the most widely deployed software distribution tool in the marketplace. VERITAS WinINSTALLTM 2000 allows administrators to completely automate and manage software distribution to desktops and mobile laptops across the enterprise. WinINSTALLTM 2000 creates distribution packages quickly using a discover wizard that captures changes made by any of the many possible installation procedures. Modifications and package customizations can be performed from WinINSTALLTM 2000’s easy to use interface. No scripting is required. WinINSTALLTM 2000 allows for flexible deployment of Windows operating systems and applications, and supports complete desktop and laptop builds in a variety of different configurations. It works with all popular network topologies and protocols. New with WinINSTALL 2000 is support for Microsoft Windows 2000 and the ability to implement a multi-tiered distribution strategy with distributed distribution servers across the enterprise. WinINSTALL 2000 automatically synchronizes packages across distributed WinINSTALL servers. It supports Windows 2000 Microsoft Installer (MSI) and WinINSTALL packages (NAI) from a common console.

Product Highlights

Automates the staging of desktop and laptop operating systems and applications

Supports easy migration to Windows 2000

Has many delivery mechanisms for both push and pull distributions including calendar-based schedule, Windows NT Service, network login script, e-mail, internet/intranet, CD ROM, Windows run time application (pulldown) and local install from a hidden partition

Compares remote desktop and laptop application installations to the original image for easy problem determination

Updates operating systems and applications at next execution on the remote desktop or laptop, automatically balancing the impact on the network

Validates operating system and application integrity and automatically reinstalls problematic programs and drivers

Allows for script-free distributions through an easy to use package creation wizard

Includes customizable installation procedures for complex installs

Automates notification via e-mail, SNMP, Windows Event Log, and other reporting capabilities

VERITAS has a long-standing and successful partnership with

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