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Surgeons treat and repair injuries and diseases using surgery. A surgeon is a special type of physician.

Work Setting

Surgeons spend most of their time in offices, hospitals, and clinics, and are part of a team of surgeons who work together. Surgeons stand in one place for a long time while in the operating room. Unexpected problems may appear during surgery, and surgeons must stay calm and make sudden decisions. Surgeons often work long hours about 70 -80 hours a week and are always on call for emergencies. Hazards include cuts from sharp knifes and other instruments and exposure to infectious diseases. Being a surgeon can be a very stressful job because of long hours, uncertain outcomes of surgery, and a really high risk of lawsuits.

Major Employers

Private or group practices, large hospitals, or public health organizations.

Physical Demands

Continually seeing patients and looking medical charts and other objects close up for long periods of time. Surgeons half to move around a lot and don’t really half to carry very much weight, rarely do they half to carry more than 10 pounds “but on occasion they might half to carry up to 20 pounds”. They often handle surgical instruments and other such things. Surgeons often half to talk to there patients and other doctors to get a second opinion.

Hiring Practices

To be a surgeon you must have your license to practice medicine. Employers wish to have surgeons who have a number of good references from residency faculty.

They also prefer people who are spirited, have good communication skills, and are willing to work long hours and be on call for emergencies


All the states including the district of Colombia and Puerto Rico require a license to practice medicine. In Oregon you half to graduate from an approved graduate school of medicine or osteopathy, complete a one year internship or residency at a hospital or doctors office, and pass all three parts of the united states medical licensing and examination. {All three-exam fee’s cost a total of $1,605}


All medical colleges requires applicants to graduate from some kind of college and to take college admissions tests training for medical doctors is available in Portland at the Oregon health sciences university. But there is no school of osteopathy in Oregon the closest college is the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California.

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