Writing – It’s Not Jst For Fun Anymore! Essay, Research Paper

Writing…….It’s Not Just For Fun Anymore!

I am writing to support the new writing class being discussed for the Junors’

and Seniors’ curriculum. I bielive that these classes will help them not only in the

work force, but will give them a better education.

In the world today, writing plays an important roll. there are always reports to be writen

speeches to e givin, and books to be wrote. Juniors and Seniors need to know the right skills top write

these such things. Statistics show that most Juniors’ and Seniors’ do not show the right

skills to perform a good job of writing.

A recent poll in Time magazine show that seven out of ten Juniors’ and Seniors’

show no skills in writing whatsoever. With these new classes, we could show these classes

how to do a good job of writing to compete in the work world. These Juniors’ and Seniors’

will have better chances at colleges, better advantages in the job world, and an all around complete education.

Either writing for leisure or for work, it is always a good idea to know how..

these skills are important. many skills are enforcedwith todays english courses.

I personally believe in these skills. Just a week go, I was asked to do a report in

cheating in school. I was not familiar with the writing skills, so I consulted an english writing skills handbook.

It taught me to properly write the paper, and also get a passing grade on it.

Skills are most important. Without writing skills, people would write just anything,

untiming contractions, misspelling words, and leaving their participles dangling.

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