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The one day of my summer vacation that I would love to relive would be this

wonderful invigorating night.

It all started out as I was sitting on a grassy knoll, I could tell that it was spring

time from the cool breeze that was blowing through my hair, and the smell of fresh

flowers all around me. The clouds were pastel colors, and it looked as if an artist had

taken a paint brush to a canvas and made a beautiful masterpiece.

As the sunset the colors faded, and the night sky looked the deepest blue my eyes

have ever seen. The stars were dancing across the sky, and the man on the moon had an

angelic grin as if the stars were there for his entertainment.

I looked around me and it seemed as if this perfect world of wonderful aromas and

glorious sites never ended. I knew I had to go, but I would return there someday.

Than as I opened my eyes, I realized that my day dream was nothing but a fantasy.

Even though in my dreams I still have the vision of this place…this place which I am still in

search of…in reality

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