Wendy’s Accident Essay, Research Paper

Wendy s Accident


School was dismissed and 12 year old Wendy hurried home knowing that she would have the entire house to herself tonight. Her father was out of town for the next two days on a business trip and her mother was working the 2nd Shift at a local factory. She walked in to the house and threw her book bag into the corner and headed straight upstairs to her room. She had been waiting for this time ever since the beginning of the week when she knew she would be able to do whatever she wanted at home. She went in to her room and opened the door to the closet, she pushed her dresses back out of the way. She pulled the blanket off of the plastic box and undid the lock that kept it closed. She reached inside of the box and removed three cloth diapers, a pair of plastic pants, diaper pins and baby powder. She laid everything on her bed and then carefully folded the cloth diapers like she had so many times in the past. She remembered this was how her mother had folded them when she was a baby. Wendy then unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off. Next off came her cotton panties and these were dropped on the floor, she picked up her pants and her panties and threw them in the clothes hamper. She knew she wouldn’t need these anymore tonight. She positioned the cloth diapers on the end of her bed and sat down on them. Next she pulled her T-shirt up so her it would not be in the way. She took the baby powder and sprinkled a large amount in her crotch area and rubbed it in. She set the baby powder down and pulled the cloth diapers up between her legs and grabbed the diaper pins. She put the diaper pins in her mouth and pulled the cloth diaper tight against her body. She pinned the left side first, making sure that she started the pin in from the bottom so it would look like someone had pinned the diaper on her. To her this was important that it had the appearance that the diaper was pinned on her instead of looking like she had pinned it on herself, not that she ever expected anyone to see her with diapers on. She then pinned the right side and grabbed the plastic pants. She slipped her right foot through he leg opening in the plastic pants and then her left foot. She lifted her bottom off of the bed and pulled the plastic pants all the way up over her diapers and then checked to make the diapers were tucked in all the way around the edges so they wouldn’t leak. She laid back on the bed and was relaxing, feeling very secure, warm and comfortable in her thick cloth diapers and plastic pants. She reached down and ran her hand over the plastic pants enjoying the feeling that this gave her. It was like she could never really believe she was wearing diapers and plastic pants unless she could see them and feel them as well. She was thinking about how this had all started so long ago. Wendy had been potty trained at the age of 4 years old but never really wanted to be potty trained, she liked the feeling of diapers and the extra attention she was given when she was changed. She was an only child and so her mother didn’t push potty training until she thought Wendy was old enough. It was a tough battle which had resulted in many accidents, but eventually Wendy was potty trained. She really missed the good feeling that wearing diapers brought to her and always wished she was still in diapers. Part 2 Her mother didn’t throw the cloth diapers out right away thinking that she may have another baby some day. One day about a year later, when Wendy was only 5 years old, she was going through the closet looking for one of her favorite books when she noticed the cloth diapers, diaper pins, and plastic pants in a cardboard box stored on the floor in a hall closet. Later during the day when her mother was busy in the kitchen she went back to the closet and pulled two of the diapers, plastic pants and pins out of the box and took them to her room and hid these things in her closet. That night when she went to bed, she waited until she was sure her parents were in their room and she took the diapers and stuff out of her closet, placed them on her bed. She folded the diapers the best she knew how and pinned them on herself. Then she pulled the plastic pants on over the cloth diapers and looked at herself in the mirror. She knew she had to take the diapers off after just a few minutes because she would not want to get caught wearing them by her parents. She kept the diapers, plastic pants, and pins in her closet hidden away in the corner. After a couple of years she was having a hard time fitting into the plastic pants and she started looking in the stores for plastic pants that would fit. She was suprized to find out that there were larger plastic pants for older children and adults who had bladder control problems. She saved her birthday money and bought a pair of these larger plastic pants to resolve this problem. She never did get over the idea of wanting to wear diapers and plastic pants and had even reached a point where if her parents were going to be gone for a while, she would wet in the diapers. She always made sure she could get them washed and dried before her parents came home. Now here she was dressed in cloth diapers and a pair of plastic pants again. By now she had several pairs of diapers and plastic pants hidden away in her closet and this had remained a secret from her parents during this entire time. She truly wanted to wear diapers all of the time but settled for wearing diapers whenever there was a time when she was left alone. She found herself wearing diapers more and more of the time which helped deal with the loneliness she was experiencing with her parents being more involved with work and other things. She decided to get off of her bed and go to watch TV since there was little else to do. She got up off of her bed and stepped in front of her full length mirror and was admiring how cute she looked wearing nothing but diapers, plastic pants and her T-shirt. While she was standing there, she realized she had to pee, she decided to wet herself while lying on her bed. So she laid back down on her bed and relaxed herself, it was only a couple of seconds before she felt her warm pee start to flow into the diapers. It soaked the crotch area and then she could feel the warm wetness soaking the backside of her diapers. When her bladder was empty she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. Looking at herself she smiled knowing that she couldn’t see the wet diapers but enjoyed the idea of knowing she had just wet in diapers like a little baby. She decided to wait for a little while before changing her diapers knowing she had plenty of time before her mother came home from work. She went out the door of her room and headed for the stairs to go downstairs to the living room. Part 3 When she was on the third step she realized that she should have a blanket to cover herself up with in case someone showed up unexpectedly. She went back to room and grabbed a blanket from her bed and headed back down the stairs. When she was about half way down the staircase, she accidentally stepped on a corner of the blanket and tripped. She felt herself falling forward and couldn’t do anything about it because she became twisted in the blanket. She went bumping along down the steps until she came to a stop at the bottom of the steps. She found herself tangled in the blanket and tried to pull the blanket off of her so she could stand up. When she tried to move her right arm, she noticed a sharp pain in her right shoulder and she found she couldn’t mover her right arm. She finally pulled herself free of the blanket using her left arm, and stood up. She still was unable to move her right arm and her shoulder hurt badly. She knew she was hurt and needed to get some medical attention. The idea of being alone in the house and hurt, scared Wendy, the pain she was feeling and the fear made her start crying and she was trying to think of what to do next. The first idea that crossed her mind in this confusion was to call 911 instead of calling her mother. Having been taught this was the thing to do if you needed help since the time she was very little, she walked over to the phone and dialed 911. When Operator answered, Wendy was crying as she explained who she was and that she had fallen down her stair case at home. The Operator took the information she needed and then told her she needed to turn her outside light on, sit down and relax. Wendy turned the outside light and sat down on the couch while talking the operator, she didn’t even think about the way she was dressed. The operator kept talking to her to relax her and told her she would stay on the phone until the Ambulance got there. After a few minutes, someone rang the doorbell and the door opened. At this moment is when Wendy realized how she was dressed and panicked about being caught wearing diapers, wet diapers at that. She was going to run upstairs again but realized it was too late to do anything, so she just sat there while they came in the house. She pulled the blanket over her bottom as they walked into the room. The two EMT’s came over to the couch where she was sitting and introduced themselves as Kim and Greg and started asking Wendy questions about herself and what happened. They went through the normal routines and then told her they needed to look at her shoulder and check her for any other possible injuries. Kim touched her shoulder and she cried out in pain and so Kim left her shoulder alone and told her they would immobilize her shoulder but they needed to check her for any other injuries. Kim took a hold of the blanket and started to lift it off of her, but Wendy held on to the blanket. Kim tried to calm her down, telling her it would be ok, Wendy started to cry about her situation. Kim continued to talk to Wendy assuring it would be ok and they wouldn’t hurt her but they needed to check her over. Wendy realized that it was hopeless to think that they wouldn’t find out about her wearing diapers and let go of the blanket. Kim pulled the blanket back and was very surprised by the sight of this 12 year old wearing diapers and plastic pants. There was little doubt by the looks of things that she was wet. Being a professional, Kim gave no reaction to this sight but continued to check Wendy for any other injuries and when she was satisfied that there were no other injuries to be treated, she informed Wendy that they needed to take her to the hospital. Wendy knew she really had no choice but to go with them. Part 4 When they arrived at the hospital, Wendy was taken inside to the Emergency Room. A nurse came in and asked her several questions The nurse told her that they would need to contact her parents and asked for a phone number where they could be reached. Wendy knew she was doomed and soon everyone would know about her wearing diapers. A short time later a doctor came and proceeded to check her over. He was moving his hands around her shoulder while a nurse tried to keep her from moving. Tears were rolling down Wendys cheeks, partly because of the pain and partly because of her embarrassment about wearing diapers. The doctor finished his exam of her shoulder and then pulled the blanket back so he could check the rest of her body for injuries. He was shocked to see that she was wearing diapers and plastic pants but made no comment about this, he continued to check her legs, her stomach, and her back. He told her he also needed to check her pelvis and hips. Without saying a word he pulled her plastic pants down and unpinned the wet diaper. He finished his exam and then talked to the nurse about taking her up for x-rays. The doctor stepped out and the nurse explained that they would be taking her up for x-rays real soon. The nurse opened a cabinet and pulled out a large disposable diaper and told Wendy that she needed to get her changed. The nurse pulled the plastic pants off of her and removed the wet diapers. The nurse then told her to lift her hips so she could slip the diaper under her. Wendy did as she was told and was thinking about how no body had ever done this before but she really didn’t mind. The nurse took out some baby powder and sprinkled it into her crotch area and then pulled the diaper into place. The nurse taped the diaper firmly onto Wendy and covered her with the blanket again. Wendy was taken up for x-rays and then brought back down to the emergency room. She was starting to feel sleepy and the doctor had ordered her medication to help her with the pain. The shot that had been given to her for pain was making her feel quite relaxed. Wendy looked over as the curtains parted and her mother stepped into the exam room. Wendy thought she was really in trouble now that her mother was there, they probably told her mother about the diapers and plastic pants and she would surely get yelled at for this. At the thought of this, she started crying while looking at her mother. Her mother came over and took her hand and told everything would be all right, that there was nothing to afraid of anymore. The doctor came back in and told Wendy and her mother that the x-rays showed she had fractured her collar bone and there were some bone splinters that need to be removed but this would require surgery. Wendy’s mother informed the doctor that they should do what needed to be done. Wendy was brought up to a surgery room where they explained to her what they were going to do and that the would put her to sleep while they did this. Part 5 Wendy woke up some time later and at first was not sure where she was at, but her mother was at her side and holding her hand. She found that she could not move her right arm because they had put her in a sling and taped this to her side to keep immobile. Her mother explained that she would need to be in the hospital for a couple of days before she could come home again. Her mother told her she really needed to just get some sleep and that she would come back tomorrow to see her. Her mother left the room and Wendy started thinking about what had happened and the wet diapers she had been wearing when she came into the hospital and about the disposable diaper the nurse had put on her in the exam room. She wondered if she was still in diapers at this time, she reached her left hand down to feel what she was wearing and found that they had her in a disposable diaper. She was also shocked to find out it was wet. She lifted the blankets and sheet to look at herself and sure enough she was wearing a wet disposable diaper. She could not remember when she would have wet herself but figured it must have happened when they had put her to sleep during surgery. Just then a nurse walked in and asked how she was feeling. Wendy said she felt fine, the nurse checked her pulse, temperature, her blood pressure, and then pulled the sheets back so she could check her diaper. The nurse could see the diaper was wet and so she opened the door on the cabinet next to Wendys bed, pulled another disposable diaper out and laid it on the bed. She unfastened the tape tabs on the wet diaper and asked Wendy to lift her hips. The nurse pulled the wet diaper out from under her and slid the clean diaper under her bottom. The nurse then applied baby powder and firmly fastened the diaper onto Wendy. The nurse acted like this was completely natural to be diapering a 12 year old girl and never said anything about it. The nurse pulled the sheets back up over Wendy, wrote some things down on the sheet by the bed and told Wendy if she needed anything, just push the buzzer. Wendy couldn’t believe what was happening and couldn’t believe that no one not even her mother had said anything to her about the diapers she was wearing. They all acted like it was normal and she just didn’t know what to think about all of this. She didn’t mind at all the idea of having someone change her diapers but wondered what she should do when she knew she had to go the bathroom again. Should she ring the nurse and tell her she needed to go to the bathroom or just go in the diaper she was wearing? A few minutes later the nurse came in and with some medicine for her, the nurse told her it was something for the pain and would help her sleep. Wendy woke up the next morning to the sound of a strange voice, when she opened her eyes, a different nurse then the one from last night was standing there. The nurse went through the normal procedure of medical checks and then pulled the sheets down to check her diaper. The diaper was soaked and the nurse proceeded to change her diaper. Wendy couldn’t believe that she had wet the diaper sometime during the night and had not even woke up when she had to go. This worried her a little but then she thought it must have been the medicine that they had given to help her sleep. After the nurse finished changing her, she informed Wendy that her breakfast would be up shortly and then they would get her washed up. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, toast, oatmeal, and juice. The nurse also brought Wendy some pain medication since her shoulder was really sore. After her breakfast was finished, Wendy was gotten up and taken down to one of the bath stalls. The nurse helped her get her gown off and left Wendy standing their in just a diaper while she turned the water on so it be warm. The sound of the running water made Wendy realize she had to go pee and before she could give it anymore thought, she felt herself going with no control. She could feel the pee flowing into the diaper and could do nothing to stop it, soon her bladder was empty again and she stood there not believing what had just happened. The nurse turned her attention back to Wendy and undid the tapes on the wet diaper and dropped it on the floor. She removed the sling from Wendys arm and then asked her to step into the bathtub. She helped Wendy get washed up while in the bathtub. Being 12 years old, Wendy really didn’t like having someone wash her body but she knew there was no way possible for her to wash her self with just the use of he left hand. The nurse washed her entire body and then her hair. The nurse had her stand up and dried her off. The nurse then helped her get a clean gown on and took her back to her room. Once in her room, the nurse helped her back into her bed and pulled out another disposable diaper. The nurse folded back the front of Wendys gown and Wendy lifted her hips without being asked. The nurse slipped the disposable diaper under, applied baby powder and then taped the diaper firmly. Just as the nurse stood up, Wendy saw her mother standing in the room at the end of the bed. The nurse pulled her gown down over her diaper and then pulled the sheets back up over her. Wendy became very nervous and upset about the idea that her mother had just seen the nurse put a disposable diaper on her. She thought her mother would become very angry about this because there really was no reason for her to be wearing diapers anyway other the fact that she was wearing them because nobody seemed to know that she really didn’t need them. Wendy started to cry thinking she was in serious trouble with her mother. The nurse asked what was wrong but Wendy just continued to cry, the nurse thought maybe it was the pain in her shoulder and asked if this was the problem. Not thinking Wendy said yes, the nurse told her that the pain medication should help in just a few minutes and that she should try to relax. Wendys mother came over to her side and gave her a hug and told her everything would be ok. Wendy continued to cry on her mothers shoulder for a few minutes and then relaxed. Wendys mother sat down in a chair and she started talking about different things going on and about the fact that her father would be home tomorrow. Her mother never did mention the diaper that Wendy was wearing and this made Wendy feel more comfortable for the time being. A short time later the doctor stepped in and asked how Wendy was doing, she told him she felt ok. He told her that he would probably let her go home tomorrow if things went well. He checked her shoulder and arm and seemed satisfied that everything was healing. He told her he would see her in the morning and left. Wendys mother stayed until lunch time and said she better go home so she could get ready for work. Wendy was surprised that no one had said anything about her wearing diapers not her mother, not the nurse and not even the doctor. They all acted like this was completely normal. Wendy was brought lunch by the nurse and enjoyed her meal while watching TV. After dinner she realized that she had to go poop and was wondering what to do about this sudden problem. She had never pooped in a diaper before and didn’t think she wanted to either. She knew she couldn’t get the diaper off of herself with just one hand, and didn’t know what to say to the nurse about going to the bathroom since she was wearing diapers. She decided to ring the buzzer and just tell the nurse she need to use the bathroom. She pushed the buzzer and waited for the nurse to come. Another 5 minutes passed and the nurse still had not come. Wendy felt a strong urge to go poop and was trying to hold it back with all of her will until the nurse came. Then to her surprise, her bowls let go and she was filling her diaper with a soft mushy load. She could feel the poop pushing into her diaper and covering her bottom and oozing between her legs. Just as she finished the nurse came into her room, Wendy was so upset by what she had just done, she started crying. The nurse knew what the problem was when she came in the room. The nurse told Wendy that this was ok, that she understood that she couldn’t help what had happened, so don’t be upset by it. The nurse came over to Wendys bed and proceeded to change her soiled diaper. The nurse cleaned her bottom and the mess between her legs and then placed a clean diaper under her, powered her and fastened the diaper in place. Wendy quit crying but still felt embarrassed, this had never happened to her before. The nurse tucked her sheets in and told her she would feel better if she got a little sleep. Wendy fell a sleep and when she woke up she found that she really did feel better about everything. She turned the TV back on and was watching it. She thought it strange that she didn’t have to go to pee like she normally did after waking up but didn’t give it too much thought. About an hour later, a nurse came in to check on her vitals and as was the case by now, the nurse checked to see if she needed to be changed. The nurse pulled her covers back and lifted the front of her gown. Wendy was surprised to see the nurse pull out a disposable diaper out from the cabinet, she didn’t think she was wet because she never felt an urge to go pee. The nurse undid the tapes and pulled a very wet diaper off of Wendy. Wendy was shocked because she didn’t know she was wet and didn’t even know when she had wet herself. The nurse changed her into a dry diaper and covered her back up again. Wendy couldn’t figure out why she was wetting herself and even worse was not even knowing when she was doing it. She knew she enjoyed wearing diapers but this was starting to scare her. Everything seemed to go fine for the rest of the afternoon and evening, Wendy watched TV and the nurses had her get up and walk the hallways. She noticed that when she walked, the diaper would crinkle and other people would look at her funny. She knew she couldn’t do anything about it. The nurse checked her diaper just before dinner and found Wendy to be dry, which was a great relief to Wendy. After dinner, Wendy decided to walk the hallways again because she was bored sitting in that room. While walking in the hall, the urge to pee hit her, but before she could take another step, she found herself going in the diaper. She seemed to have little control over her bladder and this was a little scary. She went back to her room and decided to buzz a nurse so she could get changed, she just didn’t feel like being in a wet diaper. The nurse came to her room and she told the nurse that she was wet. The nurse went about changing her like she was 2 years old and never made any comments about the fact that she was 12 and not 2. Later Wendy went to sleep knowing that tomorrow she would be going home. When Wendy woke up, she lifted the covers to see if she was wet, it wasn’t much of a surprise to find out that she had wet while she was sleeping. She buzzed for a nurse so she could get changed out of that wet diaper. The nurses seemed to accept the fact that she need to have her diapers changed just like a baby and they were always very pleasant while doing this, never making any comments to make her feel bad. The doctor came in after she had finished her breakfast. After his exam he told her she could go home if she wanted too. She was excited about going home but didn’t know what to expect when she got home either. Part 6 The nurse came in with her breakfast and Wendy ate this real slow thinking about the situation she had gotten herself into and what her parents would say once she got home. She was also wondering if she would be sent home wearing a diaper and what about some clothes, because the only thing she was wearing when she came in was a T-shirt which didn’t even cover the cloth diapers and plastic pants she had been wearing. While she was eating and thinking about this her mother appeared in the doorway. Her mother was smiling and wanted to know if she was ready to go home. Wendy said she was but wanted to finish her breakfast first. Her mother laughed and said I didn’t mean right now. Her mother said we have to wait for the nurse to come back and get you ready to go home. Wendys mother said she had taken a few days off of work because it would be at least 4 weeks before her shoulder was healed enough for her to do anything with her right arm. Her mother went on to say that she was making arrangements for someone to stay with her for a couple of hours everyday until she was healed, this way she wouldn’t be home alone until her father came home from work. The nurse came and told Wendy that she had her discharge papers and would get her ready to go home. Wendys mother handed the nurse a bag containing some clothes for Wendy to wear home. The nurse pulled the clothes out of the bag and laid these on the bed. She then pulled the covers back off of Wendy and pulled her gown off leaving Wendy lying there in her diaper in full view of her mother. Wendy started to blush with embarrassment at the thought of her mother seeing her this way. The nurse said I guess we will have to change you first before we get you dressed, Wendy couldn’t believe that she had wet herself again without even knowing it. She just laid there while the nurse removed her wet diaper and re-diapered her again. The nurse then helped Wendy get dressed in a T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. The nurse pulled her socks and then slipped her shoes on for her. Wendy felt so helpless but what was she going to do with only one arm. Wendy and her mother left the hospital and headed for home. Part 7 Wendy and her mother talked very little on the way home and Wendy was wondering when her mother was going to say something about the diaper she was wearing. The car pulled up in the driveway and Wendy got out and headed to the house with her mother. When they had gotten in the house, Wendys mother told her she could sit and watch TV if she wanted while she took care of some other things she needed to do. Wendy was watching TV and wondering when the subject of her wearing diapers was going to be brought up. Wendys mother came into the room and sat down on the couch with Wendy and told Wendy they needed to talk about something. Wendy thought to herself Ok here it is, the moment I have been dreading. Her mother started off by saying she knew it wasn’t Wendys fault that she had to wear diapers and that she wasn’t mad about this and that it probably wouldn’t last that long. Now Wendy was really confused about what was going on, she had a hard time believing what her mother had just said. The thing that Wendy didn’t know is that the doctor and nurses just took it for granted that Wendy was incontinent since she came in wearing diapers. They didn’t want to embarrass Wendy or her parents about this since this isn’t what they treating her for anyway. Her mother just assumed that the loss of bladder and bowl control was due to the accident and never questioned it. She didn’t like the idea of her 12 year old daughter being in diapers but if this was the case then she and her husband would deal with it. She was shocked when she had walked into Wendys Hospital room and saw her daughter being changed out of a wet diaper but didn’t want to embarrass her daughter anymore then she already was. She saw how upset her daughter was that day and decided not to bring it up with anyone else which would cause more embarrassment for her daughter. She had heard of people having these types of problems due to traumatic stress after an accident and was sure that this was what was happening to her daughter. She told Wendy that they would have to make some changes for a little while until things got back to normal. Wendy started to cry and her mother gave her a hug and said “everything is going to be all right baby, mommy loves you” She took Wendy by the hand and took her upstairs to her room. When they entered Wendys room, her mother told her to sit down on her bed. Her mother told her that they could not afford to keep her in disposable diapers since these would cost too much money and so she had bought some cloth diapers and some adult size plastic pants for her to use. Her mother said I know this is going to hard for you but it’s just for a little while until things get back to normal. Her mother told her that she had put the diapers and plastic pants in her closet on the shelf. She told Wendy that since you will not be able to change these yourself, either I or your father will change you. Then she told Wendy that she would not be going to school for a while but would be taught at home with the help of a Tutor. Her mother asked Wendy if she was wet, Wendy was shocked to hear these words from her mother but answered by telling her she didn’t think so. Her mother said ” I better check” and her mother asked her to lay down on her bed. Her mother pulled her sweatpants off and looked at her daughter laying on the bed in just a diaper and T-shirt. She noticed that the diaper was wet and so she took three cloth diapers, plastic pants, baby powder, and diaper pins out of the closet and laid them on the bed. She removed the wet disposable diaper and folded the cloth diapers to fit her daughters bottom. She had two diapers laid out flat and one folded in the middle as a center panel. She had Wendy lift her hips so she slid the cloth diapers under her applied baby powder and then fastened the cloth diapers in place using the diaper pins. Next she slipped the plastic pants over Wendys feet and pulled them up her legs, she had Wendy lift her hips and finished pulling them up over the cloth diapers. Then she tucked the edges of the cloth diapers in all the way around to make sure there would be no leaks. She helped Wendy sit up on the bed, gave her a hug and patted her diapered bottom. She told Wendy she should come downstairs in a few minutes for lunch. Wendy asked her mother if she was going to help her put her pants back on, her mother said she didn’t think she really need them for around the house. Besides she said it is just once less thing I have to take off of you when you need to be changed. Her mother left the room carrying the wet disposable diaper. Part 8 Wendy looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She wasn’t sure how this all came about other then having accidentally falling down the stairs, but it wasn’t turning out too bad. She was getting her wish to wear diapers all of the time and better yet was having someone change them for her. She wasn’t too sure about the problem of not knowing when she needed to go pee but thought maybe this was just due to the medication or the stress from all of this. She wasn’t sure why her mother wasn’t upset about her wearing diapers to start with but she figured why question it if her mother was willing to except it. She really did wonder if her mother knew about her secret hiding place with the diapers and plastic pants. So she went to her closet and opened the door, on the shelf she noticed there were about 3 dozen cloth diapers, 10 pairs of plastic pants, baby powder, ointment, and 2 sets of diaper pins on the shelf. She pulled the dresses back from the corner and found her plastic box was still in the same place and still closed. It didn’t look like anything was disturbed and so Wendy figured her secret was safe. She didn’t know what her father would say when he came home, but thought she could wait. The End


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