Last Night


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In the still of the night Santiago?s crying cut sharply like a knife. His crying was relentless, as though it would never end but then, a child of three knows no other way to express his horror.

Abraham Naser walked down the narrow street made of hardened earth and nothing more. His dress was pure class, white blazer and pants with matching wide brimmed hat. Lost in thought he rolled his cigar between his lips, then, as if in a motion as natural to him as his tendency to smile at beautiful women, he adjusted his gun stuffed tightly in the back of his waist bond. It was then when Abraham ran into the women he knew would change his life; the women who would be his wife

Arabic coffee tasted for the first tome is surpassing and strong, but soon, it turns soothing and sweet. Placida Linero?s head snapped back at her first taste, and they both laughed. Their eyes spore of there long future from across the small round table. The caf? had been Abraham?s idea, but it was now Placida who didn?t want the moment to end, ever.

Walking down the isle had been Placida dream since she was a little girl. In Spain girls are brought up to make mariace a priority. For Abraham, on the other hand, an Arab male of wealth turn of the century Spain, life had always meant just the opposite. A man of festivities, of party and celebration, Abraham loved his boos, cigars, and women. And not necessary in that order. He felt and, not a beginning to his life.

Placida was a spark of light, beauty able to contain her joy news spilled like a flood.

Abraham finds he is happier than he had ever been, but battle with the confession of his changing life. In his excitement, Abraham rushed out to the baby store. There, a beautiful radon haired young women, eyes blue then the sea, assists him in selecting a crib of finished wood and white lace.

The celebration that night will be remembered for all time. The drinking, the smoking, the guilt, the self-loathing and the broken promise. He could not explain even to himself how another chance meeting?with the young women from the baby store? now stood to destroy his life. How could he have been so foolish he asked himself? How?

In the nine months before Santiago was born, Abraham, could not come to understand his motivation for braeing his marriage promise again and again. Perhaps he was just self destructive, maybe his problem was psychological, or maybe, he was just bad person. The guilt drove him and his confusion grew at the same rate that the finishing in the baby?s room did. A comment from Placida had brought if all crashing down inside his head. Her joking voice ? you are the same old Abraham.? What did you do, marry the owners daughter. Where have all these things come from??

His blood had run cold, and he felt himself perspire, but the moment passed. The night Santiago came two were born; son and father. Before he could reclaim his word, his admission that was more like a confession, jumped from his mouth. Over his son he cried for forgiveness from a women whose face was a slate of emotion.

?I have known.? She exclaims reaching and touching his cheek. Stunned.? How? ? He stuttered ? for how long??

? Long enough.?

? I?ll never ever see her again. Never. I promise,? he begged.

? I know, I know,? she seemed to dismiss ? just look at our son. Isn?t he beautiful?

At three years old eating an ice cream without weaning most of it is not only a challenge, it?s a fantasy. The hot sun made all of their smile gimer, the park was crowed, but to the three of them Abraham, Placida and Santiago not another soul exited on the face of the earth. They walked over the little bridles of white woods, holding hands in a chain of love. A family, a family with the sound of the last shot. Still ringing in his ears, Santiago crys in horror. From the foot of the bed Placida rocks Santiago in her arms as his father and his lover lay dying in the bed solid silk.

? Ssshh, ssshh. I know I know.?

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