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Midnight, I come across the sky as I look out the window in my small old house.

I reach my head out, as the moonlight holds me down, to see if she was sleeping.

So I climb up

My window

Oh I could hear the night begging for light.

So I hold on

To glory

–Ayan Goswami–

Oh will you catch me, will you catch me, will you catch me when I?m falling?

She says it?s all in my head

Never understood what she really meant

No body makes me wait

Like she does;

And she goes on

To say

She sees nothing.

So I walk through the sorrow

Of the snow

Between the broken glass

And Through the crying river

To find myself

Back here again.

All I have ever wanted

Now slipping through my hands

Loosing everything I?ve has

And I still wonder

Will you catch me, will you catch me, will you catch me when I?m falling?

5?Oclock in the morning. I turn on the TV. Would I see myself staring back at me?

She?s still sleeping, as I walk along the edge where my dreams meet her reality.

And I run back from glory’s hand

Is she still waiting for me?

She still thinks that I?m…she still thinks that

I?m sleeping.

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