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Although there is nothing in the constitution describing a cabinet system, the framers believed that having a cabinet system was necessary. Shortly before being sworn into office Washington consulted with Madison and Hamilton concerning his role and duties as president. The decided to set up an advisory or assistant thing for the president. Washington then asked to create three executive departments. One of War one of foreign affairs, and one for fiscal matters. The cabinet is divided into departments, each department acting to ease any new pressures that may arise. New departments are added each time that this happens. Members in the cabinet are responsible for reporting directly to the president, as well as congress.

The executive office of the president s a mini bureaucracy. The EOP is located right next to the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. The EOP was established in 1939 by FDR to oversee his New Deal legislation. The main purpose of the executive office of the president is to advance his presidential preferences. Over time the EOP has expanded into eight advisory and policy making agencies. The different agencies advice the president in different areas like National Security, Economic, and the Office of Management and Budget. The National Security Council was established in 1947 to advice the president on foreign and military policies. The Council of Economic advisors advises the president on the economic situation. It consists of three economic experts each with their own staff.

The White House Staff consists of people who are very close and loyal to the president. It was created because the cabinet wasn’t sufficiently close to the president after things in the country and government grew. Haldeman, one of Richard Nixons White House staff believed that his job was to take the heat for the president. Although all presidents have different ways of organizing there white house staff, for the most part; they all have a Chief of Staff. The different roles of White House Staff include; helping with domestic policy, helping to maintain relations with congress and interest groups, help in dealing with the media, to provide economic expertise, and execute political strategies. Presidents usually have a national security advisor as well.

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