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I don?t really get pressured a lot by any body, but I do sometimes get really aggravated and her nervous when people start telling me thing I am not comfortable with. My first pressure is when I am around my girl, I try to act as sweet as possible to her so I can get a kiss from her. When I like start talking, not just to my girl, but to any cute girl, I get a little shy and feel a little pressured when I try to talk about something.

My second pressure is when I try to act cool in front of my friends. I don?t act cool as in show off or do anything stupid just to impress them or anything like that. To act cool, as in, to watch what I don?t, like don?t screw up or make of fool of yourself in front of them because they might start laughing at me.

As I said in the begging, I don?t have that many pressures, usually problems, but I try to make the best out of it. My third and final pressure is when many people (family, friends, strangers, etc.) Try to talk me into smoking, or taking a pull or even smoking a whole cigarette. I am not a smoker but when I see girls, well you know how boys are, even if they are none smokers. They will always try to act like they smoke and then take a pull, then get addicted and then keep on smoking. That is the whole reason why I am pressured about smoking. Well, I hope you get the idea of what I am trying to say. pe@ce

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