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Odysseus (354 A.D.)

The great adventurer Odysseus had died this year and it was thankfully the death he deserved, because unlike his lost friends who were eaten by the Cyclops, giant snake serpent, and the water cyclone that took the lives of most of his friends. Odysseus died of an obvious factor at his age because he died of old age. He was found by his son in his bed which he made with his own hands out of the stump of a tree, and when he was found by his son the wife of Odysseus immediately new what has happened by the look on her face says the maid from Odysseus house.

The funeral was held at the hometown of Odysseus in Ithaca and even the great goddess Athena showed up first disguised as an old man and then later revealing herself to give the uligee at Odysseus funeral. Many of the common peasants that came to the funeral said that they saw a peculiar shape in the sky possibly Hermes, because it is known that Heermes had helped Odysseus on his adventure back to Ithaca.

But the most incredible phenomenon that occurred was a lightning bolt that struck near Odysseus herd of sheep. People considered this strange because it was a clear sunny day when this happened. Many people mourned the death of Odysseus but they are eager to see what his son can do for Ithaca the day he is crowned new king of Ithaca.

Antinous (322 A.D.)

This year Antinous was slain by the great hero Odysseus after Odysseus after Odysseus came home to Ithaca and found Antinous eating his food and livestock, and trying to court his wife Penelope.Antinous put up quite a fight and so did the others with him who was also trying to marry Penelope. Many of them didn t recognize Odysseus at first but that was because he was hidden in a disguise that the Goddess Athena had given him.

The Cyclops (318 A.D.)

The Cyclops died this year while chasing after Odysseus and his crew who had just blinded him after he had fallen asleep because of the wine that Odysseus had fed to the Cyclops. The Cyclops actually died of drowning because Odysseus having blinded the only eye the Cyclops had caused the Cyclops to run and chase after Odysseus, and his men without any sense of direction. The Cyclops then ran into the water without knowing that he had until it was to late. The irony in this is that the giant colossal Cyclops actually died of drowning.

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