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Sabah Al-Hayr will have requirements on adolescent education. Every original Sabah Al-Hayrian citizen will be required to graduate from high school. Public educations will be provided for any teenagers up to the age of eighteen. Any citizen that does not graduate high school at the age of eighteen, then they will be required to pay for their high school education until they graduate. After high school, public colleges and scholarships will be offered to students who would like to continue their education. This method will help encourage adolescents to finish their education while they are young. This method is most likely to work because the requirement might make the students think I need to finish high school anyways, I should finish it now instead of stay longer and pay for it. Also, if the country is able to graduate high school, then they will have a better chance of living alone in the society.



The Executive Branch will be made up with a president. He is then going to sign if a law is going to be passed or not. The president will have a term limit of two years. After each two years, the president can be reelected with no limits. This way would be good because if the man being president is doing a good job then he should have the ability to be reelected without any limits.


The Judicial Branch will be made up with the Supreme Court Judge. The judge is the one who interpret the laws. The one who makes the law operate correctly. The judge will have no term limits. The judge will be a judge until he has retired. The judge can lose their term if he is asked to step down by the voting of the National Assembly.


The Legislative Branch will have the National Assembly in power. The National Assembly will have eighty-five members. Having the votes of twenty-seven three-seat prefectures and one four seat capital will be elected as one of the members. The National Assembly will be the ones who create the laws for the better society. The term limit for each member is three years. The member can be reelected with no limits.


Sabah Al-Hayr will be having lower interest rate. The amount of interest depends on how much money is owed or borrowed. The more money borrowed the lower interest rate you will get. For example, a man borrows money to buy a car and another man borrows money to buy a house. The man with car borrows fifty thousand dollars, and his interest rate is about one and seven hundredths percent. The man with the house borrows one hundred thousand dollars and he gets the interest rate of eight-hundredths percent. This method of interest rates will help people who need a shelter, automobile, and people who want to start businesses, or expand their businesses.


The Sabah Al-Hayr military will consist of three main branches. The first branch is the army for the ground force. The second branch is the navy for the protection of the country s coastline. The third branch is the air force for all the aerial attacks. Our military size is dependent on our peace in the country. If the country is peaceful, then the military is not required to be huge to fight for more land, but enough to be protected. If any flaw starts to come in the country, then the military will have to recruit for more men or women. The goals in my country from the military is just to keep the country peaceful and pleasant. This is my goal because I do not want to have any conflicts with other countries. It will disrupt the way my country is running.


Sabah Al-Hayr will be an expansionist country. The country will try to get along with its neighbor. Sabah Al-Hayr will sign treaties with other countries. The country will try to get in contact with other countries that are thought to be worthy of being friends with. It is important to expand with other countries because if the each of us needs help, we can cooperate and help each other.


Sabah Al-Hayr will have trade relations with other countries because we would want other countries imports. The country will put protective tariffs on their items though. Sabah Al-Hayr is doing this so items sold by the Sabah Al-Hayrnian people would get a better chance of getting their products sold before the imports does. The imports would not sell as fast because most people will like the Sabah Al-Hayr made product more than anything else; the import is the same product. Also, Sabah Al-Hayr will make money off the tax and use it to make their country better.

1. The name of my country is Sabah Al-Hayr.

2. The Land of All Colors is my country s motto.

The Sabah Al-Hayr national animal is the African Elephant.

The flag is the Sabah Al-Hayr Flag.

3. The currency that my country uses is the South African Rand.

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