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To be a successful team leader and built a successful team building is not easy, throwing a group of workers together is not enough to built a team. Therefore I want to talk about How to built a successful team building , to let everyone know about how to be a good leader in a team and how to have good relationship with them.

For a leader

To be a leader in a team, people cannot be like a boss. Because everyone has to be like a fellow team member, that would let the team members feel you are one of their members, and that would make all the team members feel less pressure, and can do things better.

You also have to trust the team members and support them, and that will help the team member more creatively and can express them ideas or thoughts. Everyone has different experience and if they can talk about their ideas, and then they can discuss and get a better answer or method to deal with the problems.

To be a leader in a team is not like a manager, this is also the reason why we have to study about leadership, because leadership and management are different. Management can tend to be control, supervision, and authority, but leadership, however, is based on warmth, honesty, and developing a sense of working together with the team members. Management is something that comes in the job description, but leadership is something that other people bestow on you. Everyone in the team might trust and respect the leader then they may successful in their work. So leaders don not have to be managers, and they often are not, but managers need to be leaders, the reason is they also have teams to lead rather than manage. An effective team leader and his team members have to depend on trust, honesty, openness, and respect, in both directions.

A team should have

An effective team leader is part of the team and not someone who stands outside, laying down rules or acting as an autocrat.

There are teams everywhere in the world of sports and each team has a captain. We can see the captain does not just stand around shouting at the other players, he always plays a full part in what the team does and shared equally in success or failure. He always listens properly to other team members and gives them support and feedback. The captain is not the only one to congratulate, castigate, or commiserate with other players, and the differences between the leader and the rest just are not always that obvious to the outsider. We can see that this is a kind of good teamwork. Team are always needed in the company, school, sport or other place.

To be an excellent team has to be clear, shared goals and objectives. All our team members have to know our purpose in the team, and also have to know what they are cooperating for.

An excellent team has all the skills it needs to achieve its purpose and this means having people with different styles, different approaches, and different strengths. When we want to reach our target.

An excellent team need everyone in the team have the ability to say what they think or feel, without putting other people down or being put down themselves. All the team members need to operate in a climate of mutual support and trust, so that even if two team members hold different views, they don t allow the disagreement to become personal. In the same way, if one member feels upset or disappointed about something a team member has done, he needs to be able to say what he thinks or feels and expect to be heard. No one else may agree with him, but the open exchange of views, opinions, values, and ideas is healthy and helpfully.

When I had a part time job in Far Eastern International Hotel two years before, each individual often worked in coordination just like a team, because our duties were in charge of many formal banquets. Four people would take care of three tables customers and it s about thirty to thirty-six people. What we have to do is to serve the customers with their meal. One attendant has to get all the food from kitchen to the banquet, and another one has to show the food (In Taiwan, we give each plate a wonderful name) to the customers, and explain all the customers the meaning of each name. Others would help to divide the food into twelve portions from one plate. That means three tables would get three plates of the same kind of food once, and divided into thirty-six portions. The other two people would help to serve the food to the three tables of customers, and also refill the juice or beer. We have to serve ten plates of food in two hours. Therefore we have to serve quickly and correctly. We always change the dishes and bowls after each plate. If we have ten plates of food that means we have to change ten times of dishes and bowls, and after ten plates we have to clean all the dishes, bowls, sauce, chopsticks, and the residue from tables, and serve the tea, fruits, desserts, forks, knifes, and sweet soups. It is very busy during the formal banquet, therefore four of us have to cooperate very well, to give our customers the best services. We have to communicate to each other and allot the work to everyone.

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