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A Part Time JobI believe that being a responsible person is one of the most important assets to being successful; however, being responsible doesn t come easy. I can still remember how desperate I was to get my first job, and as soon as I turned sixteen I was off to my first interview at the Walt Disney World Company. While working for Walt Disney World, a very prestigious company, I learned what being responsible was all about. I realized that there is more to a part-time job than just earning money; it can also give you the skills you need to be a successful person. I strongly believe that one of the best ways to learn is by having a part-time job. Whether the job is at McDonald s, Walt Disney World, or a server for Red Lobster s, any of these jobs can give you great learning experiences. While working at WDW I found out how important it is to be responsible. It started around the end of November in 1996 when I was late to work for the third time. I explained how it wasn t my fault, and I was surprised at their response ” that s why the application asks if you have dependable transportation”, I was reprimanded. I got home that day and told my parents about it and my father gave me the usual story, “in my days you would have lost your job” I was relieved that the punishment was not that severe, and I didn t give it another thought. Now it was six days till Christmas and I was due for my ninety day review. I walked into my supervisor s office and sat down. He was sitting in a nice office chair smoking a cigarette while looking through what I assumed was my file. I started to feel really intimidated by the silence in the room, so I decided to break the silence and asked him what he was doing for Christmas. That was my first mistake. His answer was short and in a firm voice: “working”, I swallowed nervously and replied, “me too”, and he said, “I know” so I shut my mouth and said nothing else. Finally after looking through the file, he said he had reviewed my file and that I was a good employee, but that the company policy stated that if an employee had a reprimand on record within the first three months of employment, he is not eligible for a raise for six months. That was when the full extent of the punishment sank in. I assumed that because it was Christmas time and everyone is happy and jolly, that I would at least get a ten cent increase; but no, instead I got a keep up the good work.

It is my opinion that to hold a part-time job as an adolescent can be a very positive experience. If the young person has an organized mind, has goals, and is a responsible person, it can be rewarding and educational. When a young person takes the initiative to work and pay his own bills, this person is learning to be independent, which in the future is going to be very beneficial for his own sake. A part-time job opens the eyes of this young person to the reality of life ahead. This experience will mold and train the individual as he grows up into adulthood.

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