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A good team player has many positive attributes, they include; a tremendous

personality, he/she contributes to the team, and has the ability to motivate others. The

dictionary defines a team player as someone who is willing to work cooperatively with

others and to subordinate personal interest in order to achieve a common goal. Team

players are found in a multitude of areas, including sports, work, family, and the military.

The first attribute of a good team player must have a tremendous personality,

including such attributes as; being friendly, tactful and strategic when dealing with

problems, and diplomatic. A friendly personality is necessary to help keep the team

working in harmony. It is important to have a friendly personality so teammates will not

be afraid to approach the team player with a problem. A good team player must be tactful

and strategic when dealing with other team members. A good team player that is tactful

and strategic will always have the respect of his/her teammates. When a good team player

has the respect of the team, it will have a positive impact on his/her ability to mediate

when problems arise. The diplomatic skill a good team player posses will help to bring

any disputes that the team might have with each other or someone else to a quick and

peaceful solution. These attributes are essential to keeping the team on the right track

until they complete their goal.

The second important attribute of a good team player is that he/she contributes to

the team. A good team player will discuss his/her ideas, put in extra time, and will

contribute monetarily. By discussing ideas with other team members, a good team player

is using a tactic called “participating leadership”. Participating leadership gives the entire

team the chance to solve problems, and work together to complete a goal. This tactic

makes every member of the team feel like he/she is an integral part of a greater whole.

Putting in extra time towards solving a team goal is an important attribute of a good team

player. When a good team player gives his/her time to teammates, he/she is held in high

praise. This will cause other team members to put forth additional effort. In addition, a

good team player will contribute monetarily. Good team player contributes ideas, time,

and money to bring the morale of the whole team to the highest possible level.

The third important attribute of a good team player is that he/she is a motivator. A

good team player motivates the people around him/her by always having a positive

attitude. He/she is usually recognized by the rest of the team as the leader and must set a

good example for others to follow. There are two ways a team player can motivate

teammates. Good team players are always striving for the successful completion of a goal

and they constantly want the team to be successful. A good team player strives for

completion of a goal by showing no concern for his/her own individual need. This will

make the team work as a cohesive unit. As a result, the team will be successful and show

great pride and dignity in their work.

Good team players can be found in many different groups, these include; sports

teams, at work, at home, and in the military. To be a good team player, one cannot be

selfish or need recognition for his/her individual accomplishments. A good team player

will always put the needs of the team ahead of his/her own needs. If a team didn’t work

together then what would be the outcome?

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