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The movie A Dog s Life made in 1918, was directed, composed, and narrated by the star of the movie, Charles Chaplin. It was presented to us via the Chaplin Review. This movie, about the lost tramp, struggling his way through his lonely life in the city, portrayed many situations that were very real to Chaplin. Things like, loneliness, poverty, hunger and cruelty, situations that people today experience throughout their everyday lives. While we watch Chaplin work, we really begin to notice how much each and every one of these things are displayed. Especially when you are looking for it. This essay will discuss the cruelty that the flower girl feels during one specific scene from the movie.

We are introduced to the flower girl near the middle of the movie when we see her bring tears to everyone s eyes as she sings a very sad song. Through her actions we begin to feel very sorry for her and realize how hard of a life she must have had. As she is finished singing her song, she goes to the ladies room to freshen up. While she is wiping her tears from her face, her boss walks in and demands her to flirt with the men to sell drinks. The flower girl , appearing to have never having done this before in her life, attempts to flirt and sell drinks, but appears to fail. Although she has tried a couple of times, she refuses to co-operate anymore and stops. When the boss notices what she is doing, it appears he tells her to do it, or she is out of the job. She then begins to get her stuff together to leave but meets Charles, and after a few struggles, the girl and Chaplin live very happily ever after. Of course, every story has to have a happy ending.

This essay was about the cruelty that women feel in everyday life. After viewing this movie, I thought about the fact that life has always been this way. Women are exploited everyday at their jobs. In able to survive I m sure some women must do what they have to do, which is quite sad but also very true. Although this story came to a happy ending, this is just a movie, in reality these such things are real and don t always end this way.

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