Creative Essay: Captain Edward J. Smith On Trail For Sinking Of The Titanic Essay, Research Paper

Creative Essay: Captain Edward J. Smith on Trail for Sinking of the Titanic

The entire world is preoccupied with the fact that Captain Edward J.

Smith is going to court in New York City. Captain Edward J. Smith is being

accused of negligence in the sinking of the Titanic.

At this trial there will be lots of media coverage. Most of the news

stations across the world are preparing to film this case, so they can bring it

right to you on your television screens at home. The word is going around that

at least 65 news stations are scheduled to be in New York City covering this

major case.

Another big issue is who the jury members will be for this very

important case. Statistics show that the average number of days to select a

complete jury for a case of this importance should be about 2 1/2 weeks. The

judge must be sure that a variety of people are serving on the jury. Most

likely, there will be lots of confusion in the selection of these jury members.

The lawyers representing both Captain Smith and the people have not yet

been chosen. Captain Smith is in contact with the same group of lawyers that

represented O.J. Simpson. At this moment, we are not sure if they will take the


This trial appears to have more attention given to it than even the

Simpson trial. We have a new trial of the century, Captain Edward J. Smith vs.

the people. There is a rumor circulating that this trial could last about 1 1/2

years! Not only is this the biggest trial of the century, but it might be the

longest one yet! STAY TUNED!

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