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When I first stepped into this class I did not know what to expect. It was the second class of my first day in Brooklyn College. When I came in the room I wanted to sit in the front of the room so that I would be able to concentrate on the teacher, but the first row was already fill up so I took the second best thing and sat in the second row. I wanted to make sure I sat in front because I knew that English wasn’t my strongest subject, and I felt that by sitting on the front might be helpful. When you came in I just knew that I didn’t have to sit in the front of the room to pay attention; I knew that wherever I sat I was going to pay attention to you. Your presence was felt as soon as you sat down on the desk in front of the room and started talking.

When you asked us to write an essay on what we wanted from you I was shocked because I have never gotten such assignment.

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