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Different Views in Everyday Use

In the story of ?Everyday Use? by Alice Walker the narrator told the story in a wonderful way. She was simple and I feel she gave a fair and just description of each character in the story. Her words put picture perfect description of the character in the reader?s head. One example of this is when she gives a description of herself and said ?I am a large big-boned woman with rough man-working hands.? (72) This shows she is not trying to hide anything from the reader.

I believe that if any of the other characters would tell the story it would show bitterness and bias towards certain aspects in the story. For example, Maggie seems to be a very shy person in the story. I feel that she would not be able to give a true description of the story in fear of being criticized. In the story Maggie is very self-conscious compared to a character like Dee who is very involved in herself and has much more self-confidence. Dee wears elaborate clothing and seems much more involved in herself than any of the other characters. When I read the line, ?Dee wanted nice things?, it showed me she seemed to very self-absorbed. (73) If she decided to tell the story in would very one sided. I feel the story is best told the way it is.

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