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The twentieth century is the decade of experimentation and wild discoveries. It is the decade when Al Capone terrorizes humanity, when the Ku Klux Klan parades down Pennsylvania Avenue. The era when the automobile stars in the runway, when Babe Ruth swings back baseball s popularity and when sheiks and shebas bash their dazzling selves to the public. In music, 1920s is the century of the exhilarating and yet relaxing music of jazz, jazz, jazz. Pianos, saxophones, clarinets and soloists play tunes of soothing, scandalous music. Ragtime is an early form of jazz, then it transforms into different phases such as swing, b-hop, modern jazz, fusion and now is still evolving. It was the Jazz Age . Most importantly, 1920s is the era when Jazz begins the age of interest in black music.

This Fabulous Century 1920-1930, by the editors of the time-life books and Music in the 1920 s—JAZZ from Http://www.yahoo.com both agree to this statement: Jazz made the American culture interested and fascinated with African American music. According to many scholars, Jazz originated from Africa and somehow finds it way to the Golden Land. However, New Orleans is its known birthplace. Originally, black musicians play this music. They play it in festivals and street occasions and then gains it s popularity among white audiences as well as performers. Jazz borrows from many genres of music including black folk music New Orleans jazz performers eventually formed their own style, now called New Orleans Jazz, from Music in the 1920 s—JAZZ. In clarification, New Orleans jazz performers are African American musicians. From New Orleans Jazz migrates to Chicago and New York. it is then when Harlem exposes itself to white folks. White people from downtown flocked northward to visit the Harlem and see Negro entertainment, Shuffle Along, written, produced and performed by Negroes Broadway playgoers had never known music like this, or seen such dancing or heard such singing. (84) of This Fabulous Century 1920-1930. The American culture enjoys the music and art of blacks so much, that it influence America s popular songs, musical theater and most particularly the white composers. Among the many white, talented jazz composers is a handsome, talented, pianist, George Gershzwin. He composes several jazz pieces, Rhapsody in Blue, being the most popular among his works. He is one of the noted jazz artists not only of the decade, but of all time. During this century, Jazz introduces the White American culture to the great variety of African American music and arts expressions.

Furthermore, Both This Fabulous Century 1920-1930, by the editors of the time-life books and Music in the 1920 s—JAZZ from Http://www.yahoo.com, agree to this statement: White Americans interests in real jazz, provide money, success and fame for African American artists. During the early 1900 s, money and fame are beyond possibilities for blacks. However, with the birth of jazz African Americans slowly rise from their cocoons and start to show off their amazing talents, most especially in the field of music. Louis Armstrong completely revolutionized jazz. He did so in many ways: he made the first recordings of jazz which spread its influence overseas and across the nation, from Music in the 1920 s—JAZZ. A press agent made up the name Empress of theBlues, but that is what Bessie Smith truly was. She sang with a power and an intensity of feeling unmatched by any other blues singer. Her records sold in millions, (82) of his Fabulous Century 1920-1930, Both these quotes symbolizes Black Renaissance. Queen Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, King s Oliver s Creole Jazz Band and other African American musicians flourish during the twentieth century. They rise to the top, with fame and success, and for the lucky ones, with money. The Harlem brings a lot of dollars as well. The influence of jazz is just amazing and the phonograph makes it even better. White Americans begin to embrace and imitate African American stars and with music, the nation marks it s own rule, Jazz.

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