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The new generation of drivers have been an interesting symbol in the twentieth century , these new generation of drivers have best represented our revised American culture , not merely because of their impact on our culture but because they have changed our relationship to automobiles in our society . the new generation of drivers have a tendency to sacrifice responsibility for convenience .They have significantly changed our personal standards by accumulating driving violations . They spend too much time in the company of police officers writing tickets .these drivers seem to be missing a critical element that is relevant to the balancing of “social risk” the need to get there ” with the need to take responsible precautions . But more importantly the new generation of drivers have changed the way people experienced travel . The new generation of drivers lack maturity and the willingness to analyze themselves as good responsible driver s . This grave mistake have slowly caused our roads to become dysfunctional . This has changed the concept of leisurely driving as a family activity . We have become a very mobile society and today our roads are thought of as killing highways . Now family outings are no longer designated on a so called ” things to do ” list .

Today drivers convey a sense that any instances that occur on our roads are due to fate and are devoid of predictability ” . These new generation drives seem to show more concern with having personalized relationships with their cars . It is apparent that the new generation of drivers lack the willingness to analyze themselves as a driver or understand that the loss of the rules of our roads create a devastating impact on all of society . It is obvious there is not likely to be any one ” silver bullet ” solution . There has been no orchestration of an ensemble of efforts to yield any results and a slow search for solutions . It is a fact that we have not well educated drivers about civility , human rights , and compassion in sharing public space in our multi cultural society .

Car society is now beginning its second century . We are able to orchestrate efforts to correct issues plaguing our roadways . A Lifelong Driver Ed plan should transform our killing highways into a highway community of obedience , respect and morality . A expert uniform traffic safety group across the state is a great deterrent . By increasing the amount of driving time for a permittee to qualify for a license all drivers are better prepared to utilize our roads . More relevant skills are tested such as lane changes , proper passing , non aggressive driving skills , accident avoidances , and distance driving .Imposing greater conditions on the restoration of licenses then currently in practice has outstanding benefit. The conditions include the imposition of curfews , distance limitations , and the number of passengers who may accompany a “restored” licensee . There is a greater diversity of road users now then anytime in history .The overall effectiveness of various efforts can change driver behavior . A profound change of social attitude toward conventional driving psychology should dramatically improves our roads .

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