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This year many students will apply for scholarships but the number of

scholarships will not even approach the demand of the students. In this

situation it is up to the scholarship agencies to decide who is the most

deserving of these funds. I believe that I am the most qualified applicant for

the R.C. Easley National Scholarship. I have displayed excellence in the

classroom, in extra-curricular activities, and I believe with the education I

receive I will benefit society greatly.

Throughout my high school career I have prided myself on a difficult

class load and consistently good grades. While at Horicon High School I feel I

have challenged myself more than any other student. Instead of taking the usual

study hall I have elected to fill that time with another class. I will graduate

this summer with a total of 31.25 credits; more than any of my classmates. I

have maintained a GPA of 3.938 during school while taking difficult courses such

as physics, calculus, AP microeconomics, AP macroeconomics, and computer science.

Even though I carry a heavy load of classes I have found time for extra-

curricular activities. I have been involved in golf, Science Olympiad, math

team, Business World, T.E.A.M.S., and I have been involved in various band

functions. I also have had a part-time job at the local grocery store since the

summer after my sophomore year. I usually work approximately 20 hours a week

during the school year.

With the education I will receive while attending a world-class

university I am sure I will have a positive effect on society. Being an

engineer I will be involved in designing many products that affect everyone. I

will use my acquired skills to make sure every product I work on is the most

beneficial to society.

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