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Question: How does the make and model of a shoe influence the m of the shoe?

The weight of the four Shoes

Ryan?s 4 newtons

Will?s4.5 newtons

Bassel?s4 newtons

Behdad?s5 newtons

The pulling force of each force

Ryan?s140 grams

Will?s240 grams

Bassel?s230 grams

Behdad?s400 grams

The Calculations of weight and pulling force

Equation m= F pulling

F weight

Ryan?s shoe=140 grams = .140 newtons times gravity of 10 = 1.4 newtons= .35 newtons

4 newtons

Other Shoe Answers

Will?s shoe =.53 newtons

Bassel?s shoe = .575 newtons

Behdad?s shoe = .8 newtons

The main errors of our experiment

?Not having an exact point of when it was moving

?We didn?t have small weights so we could become more accurate

?The surface we did the experiment was too smooth

?On the weight of the shoe the scale doesn?t start at exactly 0 and I rounded up and down.

What I would do differently if I did this experiment again

?I would come up with an amount of movement for when it was at its pulling force.

?I would get smaller amount of weight to make it more accurate.

?I would find the pulling force on different surfaces and find the average amount of pulling force.

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