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My straight left arm is my only strengths in my back swing. My major weakness was that I did not rotate my shoulders far enough. This caused my entire swing to be short and inefficient. My wrists were also in an improper position. They should have been positioned in a more upward bend rather than in a back and outward position.

My forward swing needed to have an even velocity. I started to swing slow, then faster and then slow again. Also I did not follow through at the end of my swing. Since I was using a wood, I should have tried to make a clean hit rather than sweeping the mat. My strength of my forward swing was that I stayed level throughout my swing.

One common problem I had was hitting the ball too close to the shaft, known as shanking. My second problem was scuffing, or hitting the mat behind the ball. I can correct my scuffing by putting the ball further back in my stance and I can correct the shanking by relaxing my arms before I swing. Also I have to try to not shift my weight side to side.

My “over wide” stance and my non-rhythmic swing surprised me the most because a good stance and a good swing are crucial to have a successful shot.

After learning how to hit the ball properly with the wood and the iron, I feel more comfortable with the iron, 7 iron in particular. It is a lot easier to hit straight shots with it. My favorite shot is the pitch shot because I can hit the ball straight even though a lot of power can be required for this shot. I feel that my pitch shot is a huge accomplishment for my novice golfing skills.



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