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The Guide to High Performance Programs

We invite you to visit our new subject area — High Performance Programs — for those who enjoy the challenge of learning a new skill. You’ll find detailed descriptions of programs that include automobile racing, bridge & chess, caving, climbing & mountaineering, cycling, dancing, dogsledding, equestrian skills, farming & ranching, gymnastics, ice & in line skating, hang gliding & paragliding, martial arts, performing, running, shooting & archery, snow skiing & snowboarding, team sports, wilderness/survival skills, and water sports. New programs are added daily so check back often.


Painting with Johnnie is a learning experience you are guaranteed to enjoy and will never forget! Her exceptional and personalized teaching techniques, outstanding technical knowledge of the craft of painting and natural enjoyment of the teaching process provides the best possible combination of skills from which any painting or drawing student will benefit.

While the apparent goal of some of Johnnie’s workshops and classes is to complete a specified painting for a particular class, the underlying intent of the class is always to teach a specific painting technique(s) to develop the student’s understanding and facility of the craft of oil painting. Thus, Johnnie’s methods are designed to teach the student traditional painting techniques which they can then build on as they progress and develop their own style of painting. These classes are designed for the beginner or intermediate painter who would benefit from a structured curriculum.

Other workshops are designed to accomodate the more advanced painter who is looking for experienced guidance and critique for further development in their own style and work.

We invite you to join Johnnie in one of her many classes in the area nearest to you. Or, treat yourself to a workshop in her own studio, located just east of Houston. Access to the studio by air or ground is excellent and her well-equipped and spacious studio provides an outstanding teaching/learning environment. You’ll be glad you did!

Tony van Hasselt Watercolor Workshops


Here is a chance to enjoy a beautiful scenic area while learning how to translate that beauty into better watercolor landscapes. Tony van Hasselt demonstrates on location, lectures, gives personal guidance, and at the end of a full painting day, shows you how to improve your efforts. There is nothing like the experience of being outdoors with a group of hard-working painters, doing what they love to do. Whether you are a beginner or advanced artist, you know you belong, so come join the fun!

Tony van Hasselt’s ability to graphically explain problems and solutions as they arise during a demonstration, combined with his energetic and enthusiastic teaching style, make him a highly popular instructor, appreciated for his empathy with student struggles. He “has been there”, gone through the same frustrations and tries not to forget those normal stages in one’s artistic development.

Van Hasselt won awards in state and regional exhibits, participated in national shows, and is a member of the American Watercolor Society. His work was in magazines such as Southwest Art, American Artist and Australian Artist, as well as books such as The Artist’s Sketchbook by Rex Brandt, Watercolor: Let the Medium Do It by Valfred Thelin, Watercolor, My Second Career by Bill Condit, Splash 2 and Basic People Painting Techniques by Rachel Wolf, Learn Watercolor the Edgar Whitney Way and Watercolor Impressionists by Ron Ranson. Tony authored A Studio Visit, followed by Outdoor Watercolor Workshop (Watson-Guptill). He has co-authored The Watercolor Fix-It Book and Painting with the White of Your Paper (North Light).

Maison de Martin

Workshops available at Maison de Martin include stone carving — Vers has a limestone quarry which is the source of the stone for the Pont-du-Gard that the Romans used 2000 years ago! John Davey works at that quarry and now offers workshops for beginners in stone carving and sculpture. A native of Northern Ireland, John speaks English and his phone number from USA is 01133466572718. Genvieve might answer but she speaks French only. They have a baby.

Dominique Dalmais lives in the neighboring village of Fournes and teaches wood carving. She also has a furniture restoration business. Her small home is filled with her tools! Dominique speaks English: her number from USA is 01133466373813. Dominique is wonderful!

Partice Robin is resident artist at Maison de Martin. He looks and acts like Woody Allen! He only speaks French but you can get by with sign language. He is very nice. He likes to paint using natural materials and is available for lessons. Great way to practice French as well. Call me to make reservations with Patrice.

Pierre lives down the street with his family of five. He restores homes but would love to take a day off to take you shopping at the amazing farmers’ market in Uzes and then have a dinner party with what you have bought! He can take you to Arles or Montpellier for a tour. He speaks five languages and would love to teach you one! 01133466229299

You will love the village of Vers. The boulangerie is right down the street. The Pont-du-Gard is a 45 min walk or 10 min bike ride. The village of Castillon is pearched dramatically on a nearby hill.

–Martin (530)400-1974 (call me if u need anything)



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