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The level of educational attainment and achievement for my generation to that of my parents differs greatly. Over the past decades, large numbers of social movements have altered society’s limitations on an individual’s education. Not knowing my parents, I cannot confirm their educational backgrounds. However, I can speculate on the limitations they may have experienced. As African Americans, it was far less likely to attain the level of education comparable to today. In the mid 1950’s inequality in the educational system was the norm. This was reflected even more so in the public institutions, located among the poor districts. Societal restraints, base on prejudicial beliefs and ideologies, would not only have limited my parents’ educational options, but their abilities to pursue the careers of their choice. As African Americans in the Southern United States, my parents would had to overcome huge obstacles to receive even a basic education. The reality of racism and racial segregation would have hindered their ability to attend the school of their choice.

Another contributing factor would have been the economic status and stability of my parents’ families. Without economic security, both my parents would have been forced to work instead of going to school. Education was often considered a luxury, not a necessity among minorities and Grants, scholarships, and loans were few, if any at all. The largest difference between when my parents went to school and today is society’s recognition of equality among non-white races. With the end of racial segregation, a new world was opened up to minorities. As a result of the Civil Rights Movement, minorities, for the most part, are now afforded the same educational opportunities as whites. None of the wonderful advancements in technology would make a difference if they weren’t allowed to enter the classroom.

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