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“Babe Ruth” was born on February 16th, 1895 and died on August 16th, 1948. He loved baseball very much and it all started in Baltimore, Maryland. This is his story!

Babe Ruth lived in Baltimore, Maryland. It was very rough for him, because he lived on the streets. His parents did not have a lot of money and they often neglected him, which is why his home was in the streets of Baltimore.

He went to St. Mary’s Industrial School for boys. This school was located in Baltimore, Maryland. His education was both bad and good, but the food in the cafeteria was what really pleased Babe Ruth when he was young. It was not like the food on the streets it tasted much better.

Babe was always very generous to his friends. Everyday they would go to the snack place with their earned cash to get treats to eat.

Babes’ failure was in school. He was not a very good student, because his grades were very low and he lacked concentration in class. Many of the kids teased him because he was always so far behind them in learning in school.

As Babe grew older he discovered baseball and became really good at it. He soon became known as the “Best Home Run Hitter in Baseball”. He hit sixty home runs in one year. Once he became a home run champ, known throughout the USA, many people wanted to be his friend. He was now famous.

I admire Babe Ruth of his home run fame and for the reasons as follows. So, please listen up?

When Babe Ruth was at St. Mary’s Industrial School, he discovered he was good at one thing, “Baseball”. Babe became one of the best baseball players there. He loved baseball and he worked very hard at hitting the ball very far. When he grew up an amazing thing happened. He was picked to play professional baseball. He even went to the World Series, where he hit three home runs. The seats in the stadium were full and there were people even standing outside of the stadium in hopes to catch a home run ball hit over the fence. After Babe hit his famous three home runs, he said he was very nervous at the beginning of the game. He knew that he must play on for the fans. When the game was over he was very happy. He said, “the pitcher was very tough today, but I was tougher”.

It all had to come to an end one day. Babe Ruth died on August 16th, 1948 at the age of fifty-three. The streets were full of crying people and everyone missed him. His spirit still lives on with his sixty home runs and the dedication that he gave to the game of baseball. Babe Ruth is truly a “Legend”.



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