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Music Concert Review I

My concert review took me to a new wave of music. I went to a concert at Bucks where a band named Yelon was playing. They are a reggae band from Jamaica, which is the place where many reggae bands come from. It was very interesting for me due to the fact that I have never been opened up to this kind of music. I was a little bit skeptical about it at first. However, I must say that I enjoyed their performance.

The concert consisted of singing and dancing along with steel drums and chimes. They certainly played a rather unique style. They played a variety of different songs. Some of the songs that I enjoyed were “Rest Situation”, “Tribal”, and “Generations”. The most interesting and entertaining for me was when they performed their song called “Show and Tell”. During this song they allowed the audience to get involved with singing and clapping. I really enjoy when any performer allows for the audience to get involved because it keeps everyone upbeat. Through their songs, they gave the audience a sense of where they come from. In a sense, they allowed for us to enter their country. The talked of their struggle to make it and then to have their dreams come true. They preach that you can reach your destiny if you dedicate yourself to it.

Despite the fact that I am not much of a fan when it comes to reggae music, I must say that this was a very good concert. I thought that they were very good performers. Sometimes at concerts you get little effort from performers, which puts a damper on a concert. However, this was not the case. Yelon entertained the audience throughout the entire concert. They gave me a whole perspective of living in Jamaica, which was interesting. Overall, I am glad that I was able to take in a great performance from a great band.


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