Destiny’s Child Essay, Research Paper


Specific Goal: I want my audience to receive a better understanding on the scandals and mishaps that the hottest girl group has been through.


I .Destiny’s Child has made a popular name for themselves, but they have had many battles and struggles to get to the place they are now.

II. Destiny’s Child has been recently compared to the Supremes, for the likeliness they posses.

Thesis Statement: Destiny’s Child has been through many ups and downs, from break ups, money matters to the ultimate replacement of several members, they still seem to hold the title of hottest R&B girl group.


I. Destiny’s Child becomes a group.

A. Almost a decade into its existence, the quartet displays a solid professionalism comparable to that of veterans twice their age. The Destiny’s Child story begins in Houston, where 8-year-olds Beyonc Knowles, and LaTavia Roberson met while auditioning for a local children’s group. Soon Knowles, Roberson, and Knowles’ cousin, Kelly Rowland, were spending their afternoons studying videotapes of the Supremes and the Jackson 5, trying to mimic the Motown groups’ choreography. Two years later, LaToya Luckett hooked up with the ambitious little girls and, with her addition, the group discovered they had a special chemistry.

B: With Knowles’ father, Mathew Knowles, acting as its manager, the group kick-started its career with a performance on Star Search. The group’s first release under the auspices of a major label was the song “Killing Time,” which appeared on the Men in Black soundtrack. A few months later, the composition appeared on Destiny’s Child’s self-titled debut CD, which was released February 17, 1998. Destiny’s Child featured a hit single, “No, No, No,” which, by the time of the album’s release, had already been certified platinum.

II. Destiny’s Child becomes a household name.

A. By the end of 1998, the hard work had paid off, as the group was awarded three awards at the 1998 Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards. Such honors paled, however, in comparison to the success generated by Destiny’s Child’s next album. Upon its release in July 1999, The Writing’s on the Wall debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 album chart, foreshadowing a string of impressive showings that would soon follow. “Bills, Bills, Bills,” the first single from the CD, held the No. 1 spot on the Billboard R&B singles chart for nine weeks, besting any other single released that year.

B. During this period the woman of Destiny’s Child were making guest appearances in different countries and receiving numerous awards for the talent they possessed. Adult, teens and children gained their love.

III. Destiny’s Child breaks up and replaces members.

A. In March 2000, as the group prepared to shoot a video for its hit “Say My Name,” Columbia Records announced that Roberson and Luckett had left the group. Moreover, the two co-founding members had already been replaced with 18-year-old Farrah Franklin and 19-year-old Michelle Williams, both of whom (it was announced) would join Knowles and Rowland at the Grammy ceremonies.

B. LaTavia Roberson and Latoya Luckett decided tofile suit against the group and the manager.

IV. Destiny’s Child loses another member.

A. Recently, a few months ago the last break up Farrah one of the new members announced that she has left Destiny’s Child, a mere five months after joining the group this was because Farrah felt left out and she was starting to miss a series of engagements.

V. Destiny’s Child pushes Beyonce to sing lead.

A. Many people have beef with having Beyonce sing lead all of the time. This is not the only problem. The way that it seems to many people is that whoever is the managers of this group always make Beyonce shine out from everyone else in the group.

B. There are rumors that her parents,the managers and stylists of the group are trying to push her into the spotlight.

VI. Destiny’s Child remains a trio.

A. The group is left with Kelly, Michelle and Beyonce. These girls have an album coming out in the very near future named, “Survivor”.

B. They announce that they are happier though it just tree of them left. They claim that they can all now sing lead because before everyone wasn’t blessed vocally.


A: After everything they have been through the group keeps the flame burning, having fans begging for more. Destiny’s Child is a group you just hate but you just somehow seem to love.

B: Destiny’s Child has had a lot of problems within the group but the sound they produce is always a hit. This show that they truly are “survivors”.

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