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“The Franklin’s Tale” Essay

“The Franklin’s Tale” was a story about keeping your promise no matter what should happen. Arveraguskept his promiseto his wife or at least he had the intention to. Aurelius finally recieved the lady he had desired for the most but he had gave her up, due to his generosity. Unlike Aurelius and Averegous, the clerk had nothing to win, just lose. In Geoffrey Chaucer’s, “The Franklin Tale”, Aurelius was the most generous because he was willing to lose the love of his life and be in debt only because he felt sympathy.

“In his heart he felt great pity for this, and considering what was best on all sides thought that now he wouldrather abstain from his pleasurethan do such a very churlish, retchet deed against generosity and all nobility.” (line835, page 333). Aureius desires were going to come true after he obtains Doriganas his. He payed the clerk enough money to fulfill her needs. He was now in debt, but finally got the women he so very much wanted. However somehow, his conscious got in the way when he heard that her husband had come back form fighting in England.

After Aurelius sent back Dorigen he was still in debt. He owed the philosopher 1000 pounds in which he did not have. ” Master, I can boast that I never fail to keep my word as yet; for surely my debt to you shall be discharged, even if it means I must go begging in my shirt. But if you would grant, on security, two or three years of respite to me, then it would be well for me; for otherwise I must sell my inheritance: there is no more to say.” (line 892page 335). Despite losing the love of his life, Aurelious was still willing to pay for his debt.

Finally, what showed that Aurelius was the most generous character from them all was his compassion for others. He was self righteous and did good deeds, but never expected to recieve anything for his well doings. ” I would rather suffer sarrow always than divide the love between you two.” (line 547, page 833). Aurelious had good morals and though it ment losing his happiness he was true to his word.

By far Aurelius is not only the most generous character, but also the most giving character. He was willing to do anything for the love of his life including paying a man money he did not have to do such an act for her affection. After doing so, he lost her because of his morals and would rather seem them happy than his love miserable. Next, he goes to the clerk not looking for sympathy but to inform him on the delay of him getting his money. Not knowing the clerk would be giving as to release him from his debt, he would have lost everything for the woman he so generously returned.

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