The Flame


The Flame Essay, Research Paper

The abominable flame that I stare at is incredibly awesome. The colors are so intense, and it seems to be alive. Finally, the heat that the flame gives off is its defense mechanism.

Now, the flame that I m staring at is blue at the bottom, yellow-orange in the middle, and yellow at the top. It is amazing how this flame can have so many varied colors. The way the blue takes over the helpless wick is like the way a lion takes over its prey. It s symbolic when I see the color blue because it paints a picture of coldness and depression in my head, but when I touch the flame s blue it s deceitful, it s hot and burns. The warm colors orange yellow and yellow makes me think of something hot because they are the main colors of this flame and. Why are the colors so beautiful, and alive? Can anyone tell me?

Indeed, this flame seems to be alive from its swaying back and forth. As it sways back the defenseless wax becomes its unwilling prey. Just watching it kill and eat its prey is amazing. Knowing that it breathes the same oxygen as me puts chills up my spine. I sit and stare curiously at the flame, wondering what it thinks. Am I its next victim? I heard that

a flame has a mind if its own. Is it alive? It does breathe oxygen, eats the wax, and sways back and forth. It must be alive! Everything that is alive defends and destroys in some way or form. Does the flame?

The flame in front of me obviously defends itself because when my hand goes to touch it heat seeps through my palms. I know in my head if I try to touch it, it will burn me because I can feel the radiating heat it gives off. This astonishingly hot heat could destroy anything in its site, if not contained. If I knocked it over it would no longer be contained. Therefor it could destroy easily. I move my finger back and fourth through the flame and my finger turned sooty black. It must be the waste from the flame, the burning wick. I m wondering where it gets its source of heat. I m going to find out.

The flame kills by conquering. Why would people want to destroy something so beautiful? Perhaps, simply because it destroys anything it comes in contact with, or because it is alive. I killed the flame not because of its beauty, but because I was scared. I know why the flame that I stare at is so appealing to the human eye because its beautiful arrays of colors captures my feelings that seem so inexpressible

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