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I hate going to bed. Firstly because I know I’ll be laying there for at least an hour before I get to sleep and secondly because I never know what may occur in my sleep.

I lay down thinking about the kind of career I want to follow. I start to think about where I may have this career. I like the idea of living on the borders of a large sleepless city where I can have a changing high paying career that will give me the money necessary to support the lifestyle I want to live. I thought I would dream of this exciting adventure, but I couldn’t be further from the truth. I was in some twisted pan demonic world, All the people outside were running around screaming, the old and the young violently vomiting blood stained semi-processed food with strange creatures slithering in it. Their bodies had red legions all over them, it was as if they had all been the victims of some disastrous epidemic.

I was in a room with a very beautiful woman of perhaps twenty-nine years of age. Next to her though, for some reason I knew it was her child, there was a genetically disorganised being that could almost stand up straight. It had the characteristics of a human but it had goat’s hooves for feet, horns on its head and had a semi goat/human face. It also had goats fur for skin. It was making loud, unbearably sick noises with resemblance to a goat and the cry of a human. There was blood dripping from its mouth, to its chest and then on to the white icy-cold tiled floor. This made it hard for it to stand, and so, it slipped. The already distressed young woman who was crying on the floor started to scream loudly. She was living a life of hell in emotional pain. She jumped up and ran towards me and held on to me tightly. Her life must have been like a perpetual nightmare. I wrapped my arms around her and held on to her tightly as she buried her face with tears rolling down her into my shoulder. She was crying so badly I felt sick and fantastically sorry and helpless to learn of this disgusting situation that words should not describe. I felt something that I had never felt before. As the being started to stand up I took my gun from my pocket and shot it straight in the head. The women knew what I had done and looked up into my eyes. It went very quite in the room and she slowly buried her face into me again. I led her out of the room and into the streets whilst I tightly held onto her hand and made sure she didn’t look back.

I recognised my family in the distance. I tolled the woman that I knew them and they would help us so I grabbed her hand and started to walk but she didn’t move. The woman didn’t seem to care about what I had said. She was too disturbed to do anything. It was like nothing mattered anymore. She was completely alone and almost destroyed by her past. I took her other hand as well and reassured her she would be all right. She started to come but as we got nearer I could see distinct red lesions all over their bodies. They had what everybody else had. I stood with the woman, holding her hand as I tried to survey the surroundings. “What the hell has been going on here” I said to myself. My sanity was starting to cave in just as I saw a young man, about twenty-two who appeared to be an ally. He came running over to me shouting “Are you ok?” We hid in one of the broken down buildings in this recently destroyed town for a short while to discuss what we would do to get out of this hellhole unharmed. We were agreeing to steal a car and drive it into a shop to steal food and drink, when a zombie burst through the door with furious outrage with a mutilated, decaying and bleeding body. This disorganised creature was so disgusting; you couldn’t recognise the human in him. The woman started to scream and we all swiftly moved towards the rubble left from part of the roof falling in. I started to throw bricks at it with the man and we threw as many bricks as we could. It ran off holding its degenerated limbs together.

We ran frantically to a nearby car park without looking back, due to extreme fear in our souls. When we got there we found a lifeless girl whose beauty had been ravished. Her skin was unsettled, as if there were many hundreds or thousands of tiny insects crawling around her blood. On the other side of the road to her was a dead man; he seemed to have come from a car crash several metres up the road. His internal organs were now external. This disturbing sight made us more aware that we had to get out of this town fast. I told the man to find some tools so that we could hot wire a car.

Minutes later we were ready to leave but I noticed some very dark purple-greyish clouds coming our way quite fast considering it wasn’t at all breezy. My partner shouted at me “look the other way”, and to my amazement and against all my beliefs, I could see God’s face looking at us stealing the car. He looked angry and very disappointed. I thought this is a sick joke. He threw heavy rain with thunder and lightening at us.

I looked around for the man but he had disappeared. There was only me and the woman left. We were soaked in rain water in less than twenty seconds, plus we had to steal the car and get out of here by our selves. I smashed the dashboard with a wrench, and touched a couple of wires together to start the engine. Strange sickening cries came from a nearby tunnel about 200 metres away. I looked back and knew the destructive forces of the physically and mentally distraught victims of whatever evil had occurred here would kill us if they knew where we were. I could now see their shadows in the flickering motorway lights. I turned around and the woman had disappeared. My heart began to beat very fast as I ran around the car looking for her. She was on the floor with her head in her hands. I picked her up and pushed her into the car. She didn’t seem to have the energy and was perhaps too scared to cry. I ran back round to the drivers seat and started the car again, it had cut out. I put it into gear, and drove over to a petrol station about at least three hundred metres away. How convenient I thought.

I drove towards the petrol pumps, got out, and started to fill up the car with petrol. I had noticed all the petrol pumps were labelled with the same petrol but something else stole my attention. I looked round to see a zombie in the kiosk. It was alerted by some technological function that was triggered off by petrol being pumped. It roared and started to hobble towards the door. I could see it had problems walking and it held its rib cage together. It couldn’t get through the door. I thought I should use this valuable time to get more petrol and that I could get out of here before it could get to us. Thirty seconds later the petrol pump started spraying petrol everywhere. The tank was full. I threw the pump handle away from me and out the cap back on.

I could see the zombies were well on their way walking towards me. I got into the car quickly and started up the engine yet again and drove off down the motorway. Soon I was driving at seventy miles per hour and decided that I should slow down to fifty to use the fuel more wisely. With the sunset behind us and a long straight road in front, we were going to be all right. The woman crawled into the passenger seat and put her seat belt on. She seemed to know what she was doing. I suddenly noticed some movement on the ground in the distance on a field. I could see some strange creature running at tremendous speeds. Then I saw another in a different field. They looked like lions with sharp spikes pointing out of their bodies in all directions. One of them looked like it was running towards me. I pushed my foot down harder onto the accelerator pedal and but was unable to outrun the crazed creature. It was getting closer and closer until it was right behind me. It was about the same speed when it exploded and tore the back end of the car off.

I woke up and almost jumped out of bed at six o’clock in the morning with my heart pounding like a series of explosions. I was very tired but with only my twisted imagination with me, I tried to get back to sleep again in hope of finding a better dream.

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