The First And The Last


The First And The Last Essay, Research Paper

Many have tried to buy it, many have tried to sell it, and many have tried to steal it.

Unfortunately many believe that the easiest way to find love really is the hardest. I believe

that some people are just too lazy. Love will not just appear in front of your face one day.

It has to be earned and shared by two people wanting the same things. (Maybe not all the

same things, but most.) And, of course, there’s the whole “love at first sight” legend that

people seem to believe in. However, to love someone means to know someone and only

to see someone means merely a physical attraction.

There are so many questions about love that may never be answered, but people must

continue to try and figure it out for themselves. They have to realize when it’s good and

when it’s bad and experience all of the pain that follows the happiness. It’s one of the

hardest parts about life but it’s completely worth every minute. Sometimes it’s easy to

find and it lasts forever, but then sometimes people spend forever trying to find their

long-lost-love. No matter what happens in the end, I’m sure everyone would agree that

the search was never a waist of time. You learn from your mistakes and wrong doings

and grow from them. The searching for love never really gets easier, but eventually you

know somewhat to expect and can prepare yourself for the outcome.

The pain and suffering that often comes with falling in love is only part of a routine.

Typically a guy and a girl meet, theyfall in love”, they share more with each other than

they have ever shared with anyone else, and then the break-up occurs. Sometimes it takes

a while to get over and then sometimes it only takes a brief period. But now a different

girl and a different guy see these two “helpless” people and move in for the attack. Before

they know it, two couples have been created from the first one.

Love is a feeling that is completely recognizable even the “first” time it is experienced.

(I use the “first” time lightly in order to prevent any further chaos about love.) You love

your parents in a way that makes it seem almost impossible to love anyone else that much.

And you don’t realize until you actually find your soul-mate that it is possible. Sure there

are all the little “puppy-loves” that everyone dreams of spending the rest of their lives

with. But both people realize in the end that they have more growing up to do, and,

therefore, more growing apart to do. When “real” love is present the only growing that

takes place is together.

Then there’s the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone.

More often than not, the words “I love you” are used without having any real feelings to

back them up. It’s always possible to love more than one person at a time. Besides many

others, there’s your family and friends. But when you are in love, you place your life in

the hands of another and trust them with anything. There is nothing and no one that can

break the bond of two people being so much in love. When it happens you feel it, whether

it’s the first time or not.

Love is colorblind. That’s all you need to know. Like I said, nothing and no one can

destroy the true feelings of two people in love. If it’s meant to be, then it will happen.

Everything happens for a reason. It may take some work and patience, but give it time

and love will conquer all. Society may make things harder by looking down upon a couple

that they feel is wrong although it is none of anyone else’s business. You just have to

follow your heart and decide for yourself what is best for you and the person that you

love. Nothing else should matter.

Emotions play a big role in the actions of society and love is arguably the strongest of

these. It takes people places that they never could have dreamed and gives them hopes

beyond their imagination. The actual feelings are somewhat impossible to describe,

however. They change so much so fast that it’s impossible to keep up. It all just depends

on the relationship and the people involved as to whether or not things remain as romantic

as they usually start.

There are many ways in which love is expressed between two people. The usual

flowers and chocolates is cute every once in a while, but quality time and actually listening

to and being with one another is what makes a relationship maintain its spark. There is

only so much that inanimate objects can say to a person without wearing out its welcome.

Words need to be said and are definately needed to be heard all of the time. Nothing is

more important than maintaining the most perfect relationship with the one person you

found yourself falling in love with so long ago.

Just as love must be earned by one person from another it must also be shared. Love

isn’t just loving someone else, sending them flowers and saying that you love them.

Anyone can feel nothing but the strongest feelings for another person, but if those feelings

are not shared they soon will fade away. Love works in mysterious ways. Never give up

on any situation because the first time that you do, it could turn out to be the moment that

changes your life forever. Love also takes its own precious time. Don’t rush it.

In actual reality love is the most unexplainable thing in the world. It comes out of

nowhere and takes people completely by surprise. Not everyone ends up where they want

to be or even with the person they always hoped they would end up with. But in the end it

always ends up leaving everyone where they should be. If mistakes are made, they can be

changed…not forgotten, but changed. The only person who really knows what path you

will travel is the person with whom you fall in love. They decide for you and you decide

for them, and it ends up that you both decide your future together. Let things be and

allow love to take its course. It will happen. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow.

But it will.


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