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The true meaning of most traditional rituals, that I am familiar with, are forgotten and replaced with something distorted. In fact, in the story, ?The Lottery? by Shirley Jackson, the true meaning of the lottery?s ritual is forgotten. But on the other hand, violence still remains a very remembered role in this gruesome lottery. The true meaning of the lottery?s ritual is forgotten as is with the sport of boxing and Christmas.

First, boxing matches are an example of a ritual that has forgotten its true meaning, but retained the violence. Boxing should, at least, be reconsidered or modified. Even though murder is not allowed in modern boxing, from my perspective violence is hard to see as just a sport. Boxing is a ritual with close violent similarities to Shirley Jackson?s, The Lottery.

Second, exchanging gifts on Christmas is a ritual that has definitely lost all of its original meaning. My understanding of the meaning of Christmas is to exchange gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. For as long as I can remember, Christmas morning has had nothing to do with celebrating Christ?s birthday and everything to do with receiving new toys. For most of us, Christmas is another example of a ritual that has forgotten its original meaning.

Therefore, this story is an awakening to the forgotten meanings of rituals: the truth. Boxing and Christmas have most definitely lost their originality. Why must one remember the original characteristics of a ritual? The most important answer, for this question, is to preserve the true meaning of the ritual that has been forgotten.

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