Forgotten World


Forgotten World Essay, Research Paper

Select a reading assignment and teach it to the class, providing a short synopsis of the reading and raising questions that facilitate classroom discussion about how or whether the main character is struggling to recognize, reflect on, realize, and/or reinvent a particular self:the social,political, economic, or cultural factors that influence the selfexpression, experiences, and condition of the main characters the choices available to or made by the main character and how the story of the main charaxter has meaning for today’s women.

Discuss how one of your “outer selves” social, nurturing, sexual. physical,or survival self has overwhelmed you in the past or the present why this outer self so disproportionately preoccupied you in the past or the present why this outer self.

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Wright,Right. Managing Resource. Yonkers 1997

White, Evelyn. The Black Women health. New York 1998

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