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On my way home on Friday night I stopped at the 7-11 on the corner of 70th & Havelock, and bought a lottery ticket. I picked the numbers that my spouse and I always pick. I then continued to go home.

The next morning (Saturday) I got up and took my shower, dressed and ate breakfast. I then sat down to balance my checkbook and saw how low the funds were. As I sat back to think of a way to make more money I saw the lottery ticket on the table. I began to fantasize on how it would be to win the lottery that was at one hundred million dollars. When I started to think on how I would spend the money, my family came in and interrupted me as well as returning me to realty.

That night my spouse and I put our kids to bed early, so we could watch the lottery on TV. After wrestling the kids to bed, we went back into the living room and made our self comfortable on the couch. We then began to talk about how exciting it would be if we won the lottery, as well on how we would spend all the money. The talk consisted of where we would go and how to invest it, and what type of vehicles we would go out and buy, along with our new house. Then the phone rang and brought us back to realty, af-ter the phones call we both agreed that it would be to win, but it will never happen.

As we sat there on the couch, the lottery came on the TV. Suddenly silence fell over both of us as they started the machine that holds all the lot-tery balls, my adrenaline started pumping, as I sat there with anticipation. When the first ball came rolling out my heart jumped into my throat the number was six, then the second number rolled up and it was seven another one right then nine, eleven, thirteen. My spouse and I looked at each other in complete silence, we both new that they had called five of our numbers and there was one left to go. It seemed as an eternity before that last ball came rolling out, at that point I thought I was going to have heart failure because it was our number that came rolling out number twenty. I could not believe it they had called all of our numbers. My spouse and I started jumping up and down and screaming that we had won we had won? I asked my spouse to pinch me to see if I was dreaming or not.

After all the excitement I picked up my calculator to figure out exactly how much we would get all together, which figured out to be Sixty-four mil-lion dollars. It was unreal that we were rich, not to say that we could not tell which way was up or down, for the first time in our lives we had know idea in which direction we should go or what to do first, should we call our par-ents or are friends? We finally decided that we would go to bed and think about it in the morning (yeah right, sleep). So after a none sleepless night we arose early the next morning, to consider what we were going to do.

Once everything was in perspective, we knew that we should contact a lawyer and ask for guidance. The next thing we did was call are parents and tell them of the exciting news. It was very hard not to call all of are friends and tell them what had happen to us, but we swore to one another that we would wait until we took our numbers in and claimed our prize, of one hun-dred million dollars. After Sunday was over with I started to feel like a pris-oner in my on home, and I knew that I had three more days to wait until we could go and claim our prize.

Well, Wednesday finally arrived. We were so excited about going down to the capital to take our numbers in. We must have checked a hun-dred times to see if we had the numbers on us along the way. Once we ar-rived a guard was standing there at the curb waiting to walk us in. For we called in advance to tell them we were coming in with the winning numbers. The reporters were all over us and asking all kinds of questions all the way to the doors of the building. After being escorted into the building they es-corted us to the counter where they take your ticket and verify it, and ask for three types of identification. When all of that checked out all right they rushed us into another room. Then to our surprise they handed us the check in the whole amount we both just about fainted.

After we had talked to our lawyer and paid the taxes we went shop-ping for everything that we ever wanted. I went out and bought a dodge du-ally four wheel drive diesel and my wife bought a new Yukon. Then we went and started looking at houses. We found a house right off and paid cash, it felt so good to be able to buy things with out having to worry. After a few days of goofing off I went back to work and when I arrived my boss came up to me and started chewing me out for not coming to work. I then told him that I did not care what he thought and he could go and screw himself be-cause I quite.

The next few weeks seemed to fly by. My spouse and I then decided that we would take a vacation and take both sides of the families with us. We made reservations for Hawaii for two week stay. After everything settled down we just started living our life as we had in the past, the only difference was that we had money.

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