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Prince William tries to live a normal life, but being royalty makes

it just too hard (Morton, Diana: Her True Story, 79). "He is the most

fascinating person of 1997," says Walters (Unknown, Facts on Prince

William, 1). Prince William lives an active life where he deals with

disappointments of the past, but family members help him deal with the


In Paddington, London William was born at St. Mary’s Hospital (Gilmer,

The Royal Archive, 1). Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Mountbatten

Windsor (Prince William) was born on the twenty-first of June in 1982 at

approximately 9:03 PM (1). When the young boy first arrived, Queen

Elizabeth II said at the hospital, "Thank goodness he hasn’t ears like

his father" (Morton, Diana Her True Story, 79). The birth of this child

was glorious for he would one day rule Whales. The title of this prince

would be known as either King William 5th of the House of the Windsor or

King William 5th of the House of Spencer (Holdon, "Will William ever be

King" Newsweek 47).

This Prince averaging 6′2", weighing 140-145 pounds, with sandy blonde

hair and hazel eyes is everything a girl could dream (Gilmer 1). Of the

many hobbies and sports the Prince loves to do, he mostly enjoys

shooting, skiing, rafting, rowing on the Thanes River, and swimming

(Gilmer 2). Another hobby of William’s is painting (2). Many people

say he is really good at it (2). Also, in his free time he watches as

much TV as possible so that he can stay informed of the world around him

(2). This young love is a Cancer although his Birthday is borderline

between Gemini and Cancer, but the sun moved into cancer at 5:23 PM

United Kingdom Time. Therefore, Since he was born at 9:03 PM that makes

him a cancer (Unknown 2, Prince William Fact sheet 2). There are many

foods and drinks that William has taken a like to such as pasta,

hamburgers, chocolate, venison, fruit salads, poached eggs from hens on

his fathers estate, coke, and red wine (Gilmer 2). His Uncle Earl

Spencer says that his characters are very different from the public

image (Morton 149). "The press have always written up William is the

terror and Harry as the rather quiet second son (149). He also has a

black Labrador retriever named Widgeon (Unknown 1). Oh and also girls

this man is able to marry anyone he chooses as long as his loving

grandma approves of her first (Gilmer 2). Not only do you have to go

through his grandmother, but also they hold all his mail back so that he

can study in school (Auldsey, No title, People Weekly 59).

"In September Harry will join William at Eton College Britain’s primmer

private school, for the best education the pound sterling can buy",

quoted Anthony Holden (Holden 47). Of the many schools that The Prince

has attended, he has attended West London, Inkensington London, Ludgrave

School in Workingham, and the present college Eton. The tuition of this

very exclusive college is $25,000 (Unknown 1). He is studying

geography, biology, and art history (Hubbard, "Crown Jewel" People

Weekly). Also at college he enjoys disco clubs, driving, and playing

sports (Unknown 1). In March of 1997, he was confirmed into the Church

of England (Graham, Diana, Princess of Whales 5). Although William

enjoys these things, he will not rush into his full time royal duties

but stay at his college boards and keep specializing at A level courses

(Holdon 41).

Once, Harry and William were discussing their future plans to their

mother and William said, "When I grow up I went to be a policeman and

look over you mommy" (Morton Diana Her True Story 149). Princess Diana

(his "mummy") would soon need some one to look over her. William and

his mother were very close. William would always go to her with advice

from his mother no matter what kind it was, but when she didn’t know the

answer she sent him to his father (Kay "William and Harry" Ladies Home

Journal 174). On Prince William’s 15th birthday, his mother surprised

him with a cake decorated with topless female figures, but of course,

his father was away visiting school chums (Hubbard 57). Prince William

used to take trips with his mother to the Caribbean, unknowing when the

last one will be. Prince William and Harry returned to their apartment

at Kennsington Palace, in London, where they use to live with their

mother knowing that they’d never return (Kay 116). On August 31, 1997

William would experience an unspeakable emptiness inside his heart, for

his mother passed away in a horrible wreck which killed her, her

boyfriend, and the driver. Princess Di left her two sons each 11

million dollars and told her family her wishes for her sons (173). The

Spencer family said that they would take care of the two princes but it

almost seemed impossible when they never attended any of their

invitations to the Spencer family events (Hubbard 60). Diana’s brother

pledged that Diana’s family would take care of the 2 boys and help with

their upbringing (Kay 173). Prince Charles tried to keep the boys doing

things as Princess Di did but William felt out of place and it shows on

his face (Kay 173). It was hard for everyone to really take it all in

about Prince William’s mothers death.

Prince William has many family members. On his fathers side he has his

Grandmother, Elizabeth 2nd and his grandpa Phillip Mountbatten (Fox,

Pedigree of Prince William, 1). On His mother’s side, he has his

grandma Frances Burke and his grandpa Edward Spencer (1). William has

tea with his grandma (the queen) often on Sunday at the Windsor Castle

where he can walk over the Thomas River, about 1-2 minutes from the Eton

College (Gilmer 1). Prince William and Harry keep in touch with her

mostly by e-mail (1). She sets very high standards for Prince William

that must be met in order for him to get the Royal Thrown (3).

As you can see, this royal heartthrob is really involved in life. He

not only is famous from his royalty but, he is active in sports, attends

college, and shares a bond with his mother that no one could ever

replace. So now, you can answer the question of who is Prince William.

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