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To Pay or Not to Pay

June Stephenson?s passage is about how men commit the most crime in America and women are still expected to pay their unfair share for male pursuit. June suggests that since men outnumber women ninety-four to six men should pay one hundred dollars more in their IRS returns. The author carries a chauvinist tone through out the passage and really gets carried away when she starts blaming all men because we are all ?brothers?. I strongly disagree! We can not start pointing fingers and say men commit most of the crime, so men have to pay more taxes. I especially disagree with the statement that we all share the blame for crime, because we are all brothers. How can she expect that us as men take responsibility for actions of other men?

The first reason I disagree is because why should men pay more tax than women, it is like saying if more Latino or black men are in prison Latino and black men should pay more taxes. Does a commuter that uses the freeway five or more times a week pay more tax than a person who does not commute to work and uses the freeway five time in a year? Does a taxpayer with five children pay more school tax than a taxpayer with no kids? We as taxpayers get taxed according to our income not on how much we use tax money.

Another reason I strongly disagree with June?s passage is when she says; ?Your brothers are murders, stock market manipulators, gang rapists, robbers, arsonists, litters, polluters, and child abusers.? What? Women do not commit any of these crimes. The author thinks that just being a male one has to share the blame for crimes because it is our ?brothers?. That is the most illogical and ridiculous thing, I have ever read in my life. Does June share the blame for those women who are in prison because it is her ?sisters?.

Finally I disagree about how men do not take responsibly for their contribution to the violence in this country. June says, ?This Country cannot count on its men to rectify its violent nature.? Maybe not all men take responsibly for their contribution to violence but not all men are criminals, there are many men who work hard to rectify violence. Imagine how violence would be if all men did nothing to rectify violence it would be a total chaos. The author makes it sound like there is no hope for violence to end. Building prisons and increasing incarceration is not the only solution to the problem of violence. Education is the way to build for a better future with less violence not being negative and blaming a specific gender.

I do not agree with June Stephenson?s passage. This passage is written in a chauvinist tone and June puts down all men. She proposes to charge men one hundred dollars in their tax return to help curtail crime. June says, ?is $100 a year too much to ask for help to curtain crime?? My point exactly on why I disagree. Is the tax that June or every woman pays every year too much to help curtain crime? Contrary to what she believes, my brothers are not murders, robbers, gang rapist or child abusers. Building prisons is not all that is left as a solution. Education is the way to help decrease crime not blaming all men.

murders, robbers, gang rapist or child abusers. Building prisons is not all that is left as a solution. Education is the way to help decrease crime not blaming all men.

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