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I read the book, Carrie. It was about this girl that didn t have very many friends. Her mom was a religious freak and thought that almost every thing was a Sin. Carrie has telekinetic powers. One of the girls that made fun of her started to feel sorry for her and got her boyfriend to go to the prom with Carrie. Carries and her gym teacher thought they were trying to play a trick on Carrie. When they are trying to be nice. Carrie said NO when Billy asked her to the prom. He asked her twice and Carrie said yes. Carries mom would not let Carrie go. So Carrie got mad and used her telekinetic powers by shutting all the doors and windows in the house. Her mom said she could never use the powers and had to pray. But Carrie forced her mom to let her go by pushing her over a few times with her powers. At the end an other girl Chris and some other people killed a pig and took its blood. At the prom Chris took the bucket of blood and hung it from the roof.

Carrie and Billy were voted for prom king and queen. The people that collected the ballets switched them so that Carrie would win. When they got on stage they said a few words and the Chris and her boyfriend witch couldn t go to the prom for making fun of Carrie hide under the stage and dumped the blood all over Carrie. Carrie went crazy and killed people with a fire hose and lights slammed all the doors shut started fires and left every one to burn in the gym. When she got home she had a bath. When she got out her mom stabbed her in the back with a knife and Carrie fell down the stairs. Crawled in to the kitchen. Stabbed knifes in to her moms hands in to the wall so she couldn t movie then killed her with more knifes. Carrie pulled her mom in to the praying closet and made the house cave In on its self.

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