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The fire burns within youyour soul tries to escapeyou can not take the heat insideyour anger wants to break looseand throw a chair against the wallsmash all the mirrorsand let all the pieces falltumble to the groundand scream and yell till the burning pain dissaprears nothing left to grab ontoyou are slipping off the edgethere is no one to lift you upand let you know that everything will be ok so the burning sensation goes on and onyou can’t live anymore

and threaten to kill yourselfyour head is poundingand you are dying insideyou come to an endyou want the fire to stopSomeone please throw water over My heartso the burning endsyou don’t like the evil of lifeand want to dissapear into the small surroundings of the outside worlddissapear to a place where all your sorrows turn to glee and there is no fear in your life and you have nothing to hide because you no that you are truly good inside.Yet the burning still goes on and it seeses to end

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