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Stephen King

The main characters in this story are Carrie,her mom(Mrs.White),and Chris Hargenson.

Carrie is a very shy and nieve girl.She is mad fun of often by the other girls at school.She

is tired of being mad fun of and realizes she has mental powers.Mrs.White is a religious

phanatic who is basically crazy.Carrie?s mom takes everything out on her.Chris

Hargenson is a girl Carrie goes to school with who is very snotty,and like the other

girls,makes fun of Carrie.

The setting takes place in a small town in New England during the 1980?s.The story

mainly takes place in Carrie?s home and school.She turns her town into a tale of terror.

One day Carrie is at school in the gym locker room and she gets her menses.Well,shes

not sure what it is and she starts screaming and crying for help.The other girls start

making fun of her because they know what it is.Because they made fun of Carrie so

horribly,they have to run laps after school.When they got to gym detention,Chris refused

to run.The gym teacher gets very upset so she decides to take Chris?s prom tickets

away.Now Chris hates Carrie.Chris and the other girls make up in evil plan to make Carrie

look rediculous at the prom.The plan is to vote Carrie prom queen and hummiliate her by

droping a bucket of pigs blood on her.Chris sneaks into the gym right before the prom

and sets the bucket of pigs blood above the rafters.The prom starts and Carrie and her

date are called up for prom king and queen.As Carrie walks up to get crowned,the pigs

blood falls on her head.She is so upset now that she uses her mental powers to trap every

one inside the gym and light the school on fire.

The theme is that Carrie uses her new found mental abilities to get revenge against her

peers for embarrasing her.This story reminds me of the teen shootings that have been

happening lately in schools.I think the book has a good theme,though,because it

discusses the ordeals teens have with thier peers.It tells the readers what really happens

when kids in school show violence.

The mood is very depressing and upseting because she is mad fun of so much.It is also

very gory and terrifying when everyone is burned to death.

The author?s purpose was to shock and stune the readers by holding so much suspense

and horror in each story.He also likes to prove that kids should watch out about what they

say because what goes around comes around.


Margaret Corbin (1775 – 1800 ) was born in

Franklin County , Penn . She was raised by an uncle

because when she was five , Indians killed her father and

captured her mother .

John Corbin , Margaret `s husband , enlisted in the

Continental Army in 1775 . He served as a gunner in the

Revolutionary War . Margaret accompanied her husband

to camp to help with chores like washing clothes ,

cooking meals , and other jobs . Other wives of soliders

also did this , so it was not uncommen .

During the Battle of Fort Washington in 1776 ,

Margaret became a heroine . At Fort Washington , now

known as New York City , John Corbin was killed .

Margaret replaced him at his cannon and stayed there

until she was seriously wounded .

The wounds from the war left her disabled . Three

years later , she was awarded a military pension from

Continental Congress . She was one of the first women to

receive such aid in the United States . Margaret Corbin is

buried in the military cemetary at West Point , N . Y.

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