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Why should Americans exercise their right to vote? Why should we vote? Is it really worth our time? The answer is YES . People say that one vote won t change the outcome, but take a look at Florida! Right now, the election of our president is in the people of Florida s hands. [Your] one vote is very important. Many people take voting for granted. You see? By voting, here in Oklahoma, we are really choosing eight representatives to go to the electoral colleges in December. Those same eight people are also the people from our beloved state that are in the House of Representatives. In December, they [the representatives you chose] will vote for a president. Their votes are called electoral votes . They are based on the popular votes . When you go to the poles to vote for a president, and the ballots are totaled up those are called the popular votes. My personal opinion is that the popular votes should determine the winner. Right now, just because a candidate has more popular votes doesn t necessarily mean that they have more electoral votes. The number of electoral votes each state has is determined by that states population. The larger the population, the more electoral votes. In the election that is taking place right now, Al Gore is winning in electoral votes, but, over half of the states voted for George Bush. How is that possible you ask? Because Gore took most of the larger populated states. Now, say you lived in California. That state has 54 electoral votes. What if only half the population of registered voters actually went to vote? Let s say the majority of them voted for Bush, but he only won by one vote. That state s electoral votes would be Bush s, and in conclusion, Bush would be president. So, think about this again, does your vote really count? Of course it does!

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