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First of all, thank you for your attention.

You know, I?ve been thinking about this assignment and I got so scared, you cannot imagine how!


But, than I started to think about this different, I thought, ?If somebody could do it before, so can I?

And then I thought about something that might be interesting for you. Finally, I decided to tell you about my Israeli army experience.

It was just a couple of months after I finished high school, I was 18, and I got this letter that sad that I have to be on specific date in specific place to start my military service.

After a millions of ?goodbyes?, kisses and tears I went to my collective point.

There were 4 scary officers who immediately sad to us that we can?t yet consider ourselves solders, but also we are already not civilians. So we were somewhere in the middle, and believe me, you don?t want to be in the middle.

Next they sent us to get our uniform. Now, they don?t care which size you going to get, because you ware your first uniform just for one month, while you in process to become a solder from civilian.

So I got XL size jacket, two pares of Large size pants and 2 Medium size shirts. I looked like a big fat bear!

After this, they sent us to our first base where we had to learn what is like, to be solders.

It was January, raining and cold January. And we lived in big tents. In each one it was 10 girls. It was very, very VERY cold!

And just like this we began our service!

Every day we had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, if you can call it MORNING!

Than we had 4 min to dress up and at 4:35 stay strait in front of our tent.

After that we had 30 min to go to the bathroom, to take a shower and to brush our teeth.

Then, we worked out for half an hour and ran to have a breakfast. We had 15 min to finish our meals.

After breakfast we had to study until lunch at 12:30. And then continuing studies until dinner at 6:30. For lunch and dinner we got 20 min to finish our meals.

Then we worked out for an hour, had our free time to call home, take a shower and at 9:00 we had to be in the bed.

And also we had to carry this heavy machine gun on us all day long!

One night it was terrible sounder storm and wind and our tent fell directly on us.

Our entire close became wet and day after I was burning up and out sergeant send me to the hospital.

I stayed in hospital for 1 week, and believe me it was five stars hotel in comparance with our tent!

But everything in life is over one day, so I had to return to my base to my military service.

I didn?t want to!!!!!! I cried to my mom every day, I begged her to take me home, even though I new that my mom is the last person that could help me in this meter.

And you know, it was the very first time in my life when I though ?If somebody could do it before, so can I?

And with this thought in my head I returned to my tent and I finished this very first and hard month in my service.

I want to tell you, that after a got my permanent place and I knew where I?m going to be and what I?m going to do, my military service was just one big fun!

I made new friends and I enjoyed almost every day of my army service.

But this thought, ?If somebody could do it before, so can I? helped me a lot than, and helping me a lot in many situations until now.

Thank you for you time J

Do you have any questions?

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