Good-Bye Essay, Research Paper

The sun casts brilliant colors of pink and orange

against the dust and rocks upon the cliff.

As I look around at my surroundings

I feel a warm breeze blow through my hair.

A hawk cries from above.

The wind whistles through the canyon.

I look across to the other side.

A coyote walks along the edge,

peering down as if expecting to catch a

glimpse of something moving at the bottom.

I walk to the ledge and look down,

hoping to see what ever has caught the coyotes eye.

I see nothing but the vastness of the depth below me.

And at the bottom I see red sand.

The sand looks as though I could jump,

and it would coushin my fall like falling into a big red ocean.

Something inside me wants to walk off the ledge.

As I stand there pondering whether or not to let go of this life,

The sun begins to fade into the west and the moon begins to

creep up into the sky.

The beautiful full moon creates shadows against the rocky edges

of the canyon.

My heart pounding, I take a deep breath and lean forward.

With my arms outstretched as if anticipating someone’s embrace,

I leap forward.

Falling, falling the wind whipping around my body,

I feel a wonderful bubbly feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I say good-bye to everything I knew.

I smile and close my eyes awaiting the impact of my fall.

Donni Lee

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